PEP Gift Guide Day 3: Rejuvenate and get fit with Ruffa Gutierrez

IMAGE Noel Orsal

To help get you inspired with your fitness or beauty resolutions for 2014, grab a copy of the Belo Medical Group calendar, featuring Ruffa Gutierrez and other sexy stars. You can get it free when you avail of services at the nearest Belo or Sexy Solutions clinics.

3 DAYS TO GO. Now is the perfect time to pamper and renew yourself after all the busy days and nights spent over the past holiday season.

As a New Year's gift to yourself, why not an appointment at any of the Belo Medical Group and Sexy Solutions clinics and get a treatment of your choice?

TV host-actress Ruffa Gutierrez is about to do just that, especially now that she's back from her long break in St. Barths and in Los Angeles, California.

She tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview: "I'm back to work, so kailangan ng 'New Year, New Me.'

"Kailangan nang mag-workout, mag-gym mag-diet... Siyempre, three weeks din akong nagbakasyon."

Although Ruffa seemed to have maintained her pre-holiday-season weight, she wants to get back into her routine and keep that sexy figure.

"Iyan ang New Year's resolution ko. Siyempre, we all have to be more fit, more healthy, in 2014.


"And, mapapansin mo, hindi lang dito pero pati sa Amerika, sa ibang parte ng mundo, talagang people are shunning away from the nightlife and they're getting more and more fit, so I'm joining the bandwagon."

One of Ruffa's favorite treatments in Belo is called the Stem Cell Auto-grafting, which, according to Dra. Vicki Belo, is going to be one of the most popular treatments this year.

"What we did with Ruffa is we liposuctioned some fat from her arm, transferred the stem cells to the face, and it just gives you...

"Because as you get older, your fat gets flat. And you want [to look young.]

"If you look at children, they look really good when they have more fat on the face."

Get at least P5,000 worth of treatments and bring home a copy of the 2014 Belo desk calendar to keep you inspired with your fitness goals for the rest of the year.


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