PEPtalk. Eugene Domingo and Sam Milby wish better 2014 for Filipinos

IMAGE Chot Salao

It’s the third and final instalment of PEPtalk featuring Eugene Domingo and Sam Milby. Find out what their plans and wishes are for this 2014.

WATCH: PEPtalk. Eugene Domingo and Sam Milby wish better 2014 for Filipinos

PEPtalk once again features the stars of Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel—Eugene Domingo and Sam Milby.

Christmas is over, and 2014 is just on its first week. But Eugene and Sam already have their plans and resolutions lined up for this year.

“I will take it easy for the first six months,” said Eugene

“And then I’ll resume my movie schedule by August for Star Cinema.”

Sam, on the other hand, has a different opinion about New Year’s resolution.

“Ako, hindi ako naniniwala sa New Year’s resolution. You just can’t make a decision and it will happen just after one day.

"Every day you have to make the decision to change and to improve.

“Every day is a New Year’s resolution,” he said.

Eugene, who has been quiet for some time during the interview, spoke up and declared: “Ako, as a person, ang feeling ko ang dami nang blessing ng Panginoon sa akin na grabe pa sa lahat ng na-imagine ko.”


When asked by (Philippine Entertainment Portal) associate editor Rommel Llanes, about her wish for 2014, the award-winning actress said: “Ang wish ko talaga for 2014, hindi na tayo masyadong magkakaroon ng trahedya.

"Tama na. I mean, I hope it’s not going to be a tradition that every time, somewhere in the middle or before Christmas, ganoon na naman iyong parang, ang dami na namang parang biktima ng kung ano-ano…”

“I hope 2014 will be more an eye-opener for everybody, na siguro we are really doing something not so right, that’s why this is happening to all of us.

"Baka naman within ourselves we can do something for 2014... Not just for ourselves, but for our country as well.”

Eugene’s selfless wish brought about buzzes of agreement from the PEP staff and everyone watching the shoot, and when Sam was asked for his answer, he exclaimed:

“Wow! Ayoko na magsa[lita]… I agree!”


“Actually, that’s honestly what I was about to say,” joked Sam, “she [Eugene] kinda took my words!”


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