America’s Next Top Model runner-up Allison Harvard signs up with Philippines' ALV Talent Circuit

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Allison Harvard on her experience as a host and judge of a modelling compeition: "It’s amazing. It’s really exciting to be on the other side of a reality competition as opposed to competing. I think it’s a good thing for the contestants to have someone like me because I sympathize with what they’re going through."

In photo with the model is ALV owner and CEO Arnold Vegafria.

ALV Talent Circuit aims to go global with the addition of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 runner-up Allison Harvard to their roster of talents.

The model-turned-TV host signed up a five-year management contract with ALV Talent Circuit on Thursday afternoon, January 9, in Taipan Place, Emerald Ave., Pasig City.

ALV Talent Circuit will handle Allison’s projects in Asia and option for booking of some of her international projects.

The other celebrities under the wings of the ALV Talent Circuit are Billy Crawford, Carla Abellana, Iya Villania, Nikki Gil and Camille Prats, among others.

Arnold Vegafria, CEO of ALV Talent Circuit, told the press, “My direction kasi for 2014 is to go global… the company, I mean, ALV [Talent Circuit].

“So, we started with some singers like the sisters of [Bruno Mars], [The Lylas], and now we’re going for models like Allison [who] is very popular in Asia.

“So, we will manage her Asian bookings and also option for United States and international [bookings].


“But we have a co-manager in the United States.”

The talent manager also assured Allison of the talent agency's plans for her career in Asia, especially in the Philippines.

He said, “I’m so proud that Allison is part of ALV now.

"Of course, she really likes the Philippines and she has many followers and fans here.

“We’re trying our best to penetrate some TV networks [for her] to host a Lifestyle show or anything about fashion.

"She wants to do a comedy, but of course just in the Philippines.

“But we will go to other Asian country, because she’s popular, also she’s America’s Next Top Model [runner-up].

“So, other countries are really looking forward for her to be part of their shows.

"At the same time, some product endorsements.”

Meanwhile, Allison admitted she wasn’t expecting that this kind of opportunity would come her way during her stay in the Philippines.


Allison noted, “This definitely came out of left field for me, this past year.

"But I’m so grateful and I’m so thankful.

"I’m just really really excited to get my career started here, for sure.”

Allison assured her Filipino fans that they will be seeing more of her in the country this 2014.

The 26-year-old model said, “I just want to keep building on what I started here.

"And I love working in television

"And I’ve been enjoying the Philippines so much, so I definitely want to keep in this direction.”

THE PEOPLE’S PRINCESS. Allison is grateful and thankful for the overwhelming response of her Filipino fans to her visits in the country.

The model believes that the reason she has a huge following in the Philippines is that most of her Filipino fans could relate to her personality.

“It was really a surprise to me that it was so much so in the Philippines,” Allison told the press.


“Most of the feedback I get when I was receiving e-mails and things from Filipinos is that they’re, I think, that there is just common ground in how they saw me on [America’s Next Top Model].

“It just, you know, I think people just found a lot in common with my personality."

She explained that she is basically quiet and shy, but "I think that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re any less outgoing than any one."

She added, “Because I think one of the common misconception is that you have physically be loud to be the center of attention.

"But I think that a little mystery is a good thing sometimes."

On doing a reality show, she said, “Even though I’m going on a reality show, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to change who I am.

"And that doesn’t mean I’ll start gossiping about people.


"Or do things I wouldn’t do in real life because that’s not who I am.

“So I think I just stayed exactly who I am…”

FULL CIRCLE. Allison is the host and a resident judge of the third season of Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded, which airs on ETC.

The model-turned-host expressed her excitement for aspiring models now that she’s on the other side of the judging room.

Allison said, “It’s amazing.

"It’s really exciting to be on the other side of a reality competition as opposed to competing.

“I think it’s a good thing for the contestants to have someone like me because I sympathize with what they’re going through.

“It’s definitely crazy to think about that.

"It’s been sort of a crazy journey in the past few years.

"And then it feels like coming full circle being here, in being a judge or host…”


This is the third time Allison has been in the Philippines.

The first time she visited the country was for fashion designer Michael Cinco’s Impalpable campaign for Bench along with fellow ANTM contestant Dominique Reighard.

And then again as a guest model mentor for the reality show I Am Meg: Own the World in Style.

The model thinks that the Philippine fashion industry is “on it’s way up” the global fashion arena.

Allison said, “I think it’s definitely on it’s way up.

"Even from one year ago since I’ve been here, I’ve seen it… there’s so much talent here.

“I specially get to see such a small part of it. Just on my show.

"There’s just so many people who have such a unique perspective in fashion.”


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