TOP LIST: Stars turning 40 in 2014

IMAGE Melo Balingit, Noel Orsal, Sany Chua

One might find himself wondering: “Wait, they’re turning 40?!”

Not to worry. We’re incredulous ourselves. The winning smiles of celebrities (clockwise) Charlene Gonzales, John Estrada, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi and Diether Ocampo certainly feign age.


In a press conference, the veteran actor Eddie Garcia had this to say about aging: That no one can elude it and that it is expected.

As much as it is a universal fact of life, the thought of aging unsettles and scares most people.

Some resist it, deny it, and refuse to drop the reckless and heady lifestyle.

Later on, their aching bodies catch up on them.

Meanwhile, others embrace it and gracefully go along with the changes it brings—physically and mentally.

They stare it down like they’ve got it all figured out, which is always something admirable.

In this week’s Top List, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) gathers the names of 11 celebrities who turn 40 this 2014.

We basically picked them out for one criterion: that they make aging feel and look beautiful.

PHOTOS: TOP LIST: Stars turning 40 in 2014

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