Rafael Rosell on relationship with Olivia Medina: "I wanna keep it as a never-ending date."

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After two years of being single, Rafael Rosell admits that he's head over heels in love with his new girlfriend Olivia Media. "She comes from a good family background, very simple. The old me would probably slap me right now. But I think there’s a new direction. There’s love in the air,” says the Kapuso actor.

Rafael Rosell is one proud boyfriend.

The Borrowed Wife star took time off work to show his full support to his non-showbiz girlfriend Olivia Medina.

“That’s the reason why I’m here. I’m showing my support sa mga taong malapit sa buhay ko,” said Rafael, who didn't immediately reveal the name of his ladylove until much later.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with the Kapuso star at the Hana Hair Show held at Makati Shangri-la hotel last Tuesday night, February 4.

After the fashion show, Rafael was seen together with Olivia, who happened to be celebrity designer Randy Ortiz's muse that night.

Asked about the real score between them, Rafael readily admitted that he and Olivia have been dating since last November, and she's the reason why he feels so inspired these days.

“I wanna keep it as a never-ending date. What I’ve learned from this dating relationship is women should be pursued everyday.

"If you can only use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do that, then maybe you should make your own day and call it her own name.”

For the past two years, Rafael refrained from entering a relationship since his passion for surfing remains to be his top priority aside from work.

Why the sudden change of heart after being single for a long time?

Rafael sweetly answered, “I guess the sudden touch of love can actually change your mind and change someone’s perspective.

“I might be all in the skies and all in love right now. The old me would probably slap me right now. But I think there’s a new direction. There’s love in the air.”


The Kapuso star further shared that what really attracted him towards Olivia, who’s a Filipino-Canadian, is her sense of independence and open-mindedness.

“I would say she’s enlightened. She’s been through a lot already. Para sa akin there’s so much wisdom, so much knowledge, and teachings that I will learn from her.

“I think I can give as much back in return. Pero more than anything, it’s the mentality that clicks. That’s what I like about her."

Now that Valentine’s Day is drawing closer, Rafael admits that he’s looking forward to spend the occasion with Olivia.

“It’s actually gonna be my first Valentine’s Day that I’m free and I have someone that I really care about.

“As for our plans, I’m not too much big on preparation. We’re both very spontaneous. As long as we keep those dates free. Anything can happen."





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