Vicki Belo at 57 wants a richer inner life

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Dra. Vicki Belo did not so much as add years when she turned 57, but rather showed the wisdom she has learned gracefully through the years.

Dra. Vicki Belo is thinking of slowing down.

She remains the head of her cosmetic empire, the Belo Medical Group endorsed by the country’s brightest stars.

But she is at a point in her life where she is rediscovering spiritituality.

In her own words, “Don’t get me wrong, I love the bags, I love the shoes, I love the trips.

"Material stuff is very nice.

“But in the end, true happiness is from inside.

"[It] really comes from God.

"So I hope to spend more time in that direction, to find balance.

“I’m semi-slowing down, [and] finding more time for my soul, my relationship with God.

“I’ve always been very spiritual.”

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. She shared with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the pictorial of Belo endorser Anne Curtis at a studio in Mandaluyong City her new-found happiness on the day of her birthday, January 25.

“I was so happy on my birthday this year...

"There I was singing, praising, and praying for two days at a leadership seminar by the Christian Commitment Fellowship.

“It was the best birthday.”

When teased her that she may not find the time for love, she replied, “As they say, people will always let you down.

"Only God won’t let you down, di ba.”

She relayed it was her pastor who reminded her not to count on people to avoid being let down.

She even quoted her pastor, 'Vicki, don’t count on me. I will let you down one day.


'I might not be able to take your phone call. I might not be there for you…

'But God will never let you down.

'If you leave everything to Him, then everything will just follow, all the good stuff will follow.'

LETTING GO. She let on that she has been thinking of taking it slow, following her belief that one should retire while still on top of the game.

She related that she has been bugging her daughter Cristalle Henares, who heads Dra. Vicki’s skin care line, to take over her cosmetic business.

“I was telling Cristalle, ‘Hoy, when are you taking over? Ang tagal-tagal.'"

Despite assurances from her family and friends that she is still the best endorser of her business, Dra. Vicki said she does not want to push her luck.

She recalled that some years ago, an ageing businesswoman became the object of ridicule when she insisted on modelling for her skin care line.

“[The owner was] not a doctor, but she was on the billboard and they would always say, ‘Oh my God, ang tanda-tanda na niya! What is she doing there?’

“They made fun of her.

“I was saying, ‘Naku I will not be like that. I will retire early.’”

Her initial plan was to retire at age 55.

Yet two years passed that deadline, Dra. Vicki remains visible on billboards, print and television to push her company.

And no one is saying she ought to stop.

DREAM PURSUITS. The beauty doctor is still all fired up by her dream to make her line of cosmetics an international brand.


She announced excitedly, “It’s getting more exciting, and with 2015 coming along we’re opening gateways to Southeast Asia.

“It has been my ambition to make Belo an international brand.

“I really want Belo to go international for Asian skin ‘coz we designed it for that.

"So sana my dreams could come true.”

ON HAYDEN. Dra. Vicki related that she has reconnected with Hayden Kho, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship in the past.

But she was quick to add that their renewed connection has not crossed the boundary of friendship.

Will there be a chance at giving love another chance?

“Right now, we’re really friends,” she explained.

She added that Hayden’s relationship with her kids Cristalle and Quark has dramatically improved.

“Nakikita naman talaga nila that the guy is changing,” she related, elaborating that her kids and Hayden recently bonded and enjoyed each other’s company.

She savored those moments, saying, “I like it they’re always around kahit papano.

“Nakakatuwa naman. It was all fun.

"I like that [it was] very light kasi after everything we’ve all gone through, it’s so nice to just laugh about silly things.”

SPIRITUAL PARTNERS. Apart from their friendship, Dra. Vicki said that she and Hayden have also been on the same spiritual path.

She described Hayden as “a different person.”

She made it clear, “Basta, me, I’m concentrating on God and he [Hayden] is also [doing the same]."

She related that it was Hayden who encouraged her to start reading the Bible and to attend fellowship gatherings.


“We’re really just there [for each other] and not anymore into anything like that,” she clarified pertaining to any talks about rekindling a romance with Hayden.





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