Marian Rivera's secrets to a successful long-term relationship

Marian Rivera appears on the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine's February 2014 issue, which also happens to be the publication's annual Valentine Special. Featured in the double cover is the Kapuso Primetime Queen and her real-life king Dingdong Dantes.

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera appears as the poster girl of a happy and fulfilled woman in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine.

In this February 2014 issue, she gives her "No B.S. Guide to Life," which reveals some secrets to her healthy relationship with boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

As the actress tells writer Krizette Chu, the main trick to keep a long-term relationship from going stale is to fully commit yourself to your lover.

"My rule is, pag ako nagka-boyfriend, ibibigay ko iyong 100 percent commitment and love ko, para kung ano man ang mangyari sa relationship namin, wala akong regret," Marian says.

"Panata ko iyon: Kung ano ang kailangan mo, ibibigay ko, para kung hindi man mag-work, ay, wala na akong kasalanan diyan."

Wise words, eh?

Here are six other memorable quotes on love from Marian:

"I don't believe in the idea of leaving a little something for yourself."

Following her number one rule, Marian asserts that to keep a relationship afloat is to always make your partner happy.

Give what you can give and don't hold back—"Just give your relationship your all," she adds.

However, she reminds every woman that while 100 percent commitment is a must, ladies should never let go of themselves while in a relationship.

"Alagaan at respetuhin mo ang sarili mo, para mahiya naman siya kung siya hindi ka niya kayang i-respeto."

Marian also comments about the importance of physical beauty in a woman: "Ikaw, bilang babae, alagaan mo ang ang sarili mo para alagaan ka [ng lalake]... Hindi dapat 'Love me for what I am.'"


Of course, trust is always a huge factor in making any relationship work.

Whenever she's hounded by people with talks of Dingdong's alleged infidelity, she stands her ground: "Hanggang walang pruweba at sabi-sabi lang, dedma!"

Finally, Marian asserts that one of the secrets to a successful relationship is to believe in the fact that no relationship is perfect at all.

"It's not," she say when Cosmo touted her romance with Dingdong to be perfect.

"The secret is to meet halfway."

Read Marian's full interview in the February 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine, out in newsstands now.





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