Tweetie De Leon juggles family life, fitness routine, and accessories business

IMAGE Mark Atienza

“The whole family is active. Everyone’s into sports, even my husband. We’re usually all together on weekends. Sundays are tournament days for my kids. They love to play soccer, basketaball, and Taekwondo; while my husband and I play squash,” says Tweetie De Leon when asked about what keeps her family bonded.

It’s quite amazing how Tweetie De Leon maintains an active lifestyle.

A self-confessed fitness enthusiast, Tweetie does cardiovascular and flexibility training six times a week.

She enjoys doing TRX body weight exercise, boot camp, and yoga because of the “happy hormones” that she gets after each workout routine.

“I started working out when I was 15 because I wanted to gain weight. Then it has become a lifestyle already.

“It’s not always a heavy workout. But just to be able to squeeze in a physical activity for the day, it makes me happy,” she said in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

But because of her weak left ankle, the 45-year-old former professional model admitted that her constant workouts can be taxing at times.

“When you push your body to the limit, most especially your legs, you need to indulge by relaxing them.

“I do my share of massages and lifting of legs and taking nutritious meals, which contribute to the health of my legs.”

Tweetie, who was recently launched as the ambassadress of Antistax leg vein supplement and soothing gel, said that she uses the products as part of her pampering regimen for her legs.

“Antistax came at a very opportune time because I injured my leg sometime last year because of exercise.

“When I started taking the supplements and soothing gel, I noticed that I don’t experience leg pains and muscle soreness as much as I used to before.

“I take good care of my legs because I’m addicted to exercise.

"If I injure my legs and won’t be able to use them for my exercise routine, it’s really gonna kill me.”

A FAMILY THING. Tweetie’s love for physical activities is something that she shares with her children: Sabina, 17, Lorenzo, 16, Nicholas, 14, and Alfonso, 9.


“The whole family is active. Everyone’s into sports, even my husband.

“We’re usually all together on weekends, Sundays are tournament days for my kids.

"They love to play soccer, basketball, and Taekwondo; while my husband and I play squash.”

The fact that they spend regular bonding sessions is what keeps Tweetie’s family intact.

She and her husband, Mon Gonzalez, marked their 19th wedding anniversary last Saturday.

Asked about the key to their lasting relationship, Tweetie said it’s all about maintaining respect for one’s partner.

“My husband and I get along really well because we are very good friends.

“We tell each other what’s wrong. We don’t take it personally because whatever was said was heartfelt and sincere.

“We’re equals. Nobody’s superior than the other. We are each other's ally,” she beamed.

JEWELRY BUSINESS. In addition to taking care of her family, the Tweetie has been making her own line of accessories for more than 10 years now.

After years of selling her pieces through consignments, Tweetie finally opened a boutique at Alabang Town Center’s new wing sometime last year.

“Yes, I personally create jewelry pieces. It’s made of semi-precious stones, mixed with natural material.

“I’ve also used non-natural material like acrylic. But my signature material is wood mixed with semi-precious stones.”

It started out as a hobby until Tweetie realized that she could turn it into a good business venture.

“Ever since I was young, I like working with my hands.

“After I retired from professional modeling, I discovered jewelry-making.

“It was a creative outlet for a while. I enjoyed it a lot. The process of creating is what drove me to it.”





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