Kelly Misa conquers the world in her new lifestyle program #trendingNOW

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Kelly Misa names her top three dream destinations: Jamaica, Africa, and India.

Former ramp and commercial model Kelly Misa first forayed into television hosting in 2010, thru the defunct ABS-CBN noontime show Wowowee.

After that short stint, she returned to her comfort zone—modeling—and even ventured into writing as a beauty columnist for a major daily newspaper.

But it seems the calling of TV couldn't escape this 32-year-old, as she returns to TV hosting anew, in her very own program.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), at the Crimson Hotel in Alabang, last March 2, Kelly beamed with pride about her own lifestyle magazine show #trendingNOW.

“It aims to go deep down to all the details of anything that is trending now—here and abroad,” reads the program’s flyer.

“... A breather from hard news content catering to the lifestyle requirement of society today."

MODEL FIRST. Kelly admits that her Wowowee and #trendingNOW stints are “worlds apart.”

“Magkaiba ang audience.

"I have to admit that I’m more on ma-English than more ma-Tagalog, kaya I’m more of myself with this lifestyle program.”

But, until now, she confesses that she still feels uncomfortable with the TV host tag.

“I still consider myself a model, more than anything else.

"But, then again, I am now a TV host. I have to embrace it and claim it.”

As she tries to live with this new role, Kelly preps up for all the adventures that this program is bound to take her to.

The young wife gets the full support for this project from her non-showbiz hubby, Carlos Fernandez

No wonder why she is ready to take all the challenges that come her way—including having a baby soon!

In fact, she bravely piloted a single-engine plane—under the guidance of a licensed pilot, of course—despite her zero knowledge in driving.


This adventure was shown on the show’s pilot episode on March 9, at the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).

DREAM DESTINATIONS. #trendingNOW covers all the latest in lifestyle improvement, and it includes such topics as fashion, beauty, and travel.

Kelly says she is looking forward to see a lot more of the Philippines during her work-related trips for the show.

“I want to explore the Philippines,” she enthuses.

Although scared of the water, she marvels at the beauty of our country’s best beaches.

She's willing to go on an adventure, which makes her perfect for this project.

Kelly recalls the places she has been to in the past.

She says she has traveled to New Zealand and Australia when she was only 11 years old.

She found the two countries “magical.”

That's why she wants to relive the magic by revisiting and featuring them in her show.

But the top three travel destinations on her bucket list are as follows:

Jamaica - “It sounds so exotic. I’m just fascinated with the place. But, I guess, our beaches are better. Maybe, it’s just the culture.”

Africa - “Basta ‘yung mga tourist-friendly places. Maybe, the Safari adventure?! I just find it exciting.”

India - “I want to see Taj Mahal and the history there. It must be amazing.”

The list actually goes on for Kelly as she tries to conquer the hottest places here and abroad through her show.

Watch her journey around the world on #trendingNOW every Sunday at 9 PM on ANC.





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