Mariel Rodriguez shares her favorite organic juice recipe

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In a fun challenge at the Joy With Olay launch last March 5, Mariel Rodriguez squeezed over a dozen lemons and limes with such ease because she practically does it everyday. Juicing, she says is "Kasama siya sa pagkatao ko na."

Mariel Rodriguez's interest in juicing and organic food has certainly caught the attention of many online followers.

After posting about her organic diet on her personal Instagram account, @marieltpadilla, the TV host-actress soon launched a separate account, @organicaholic_mariel, to address her followers' clamor for more information about her recipes.

As of this writing, her separate account for all things organic already has 44,699 followers.

Her all-natural and organic juice recipes have been getting a lot of good feedback.

Has she ever thought of setting up a business for her juices?

"Well, we talk about it sometimes, like, 'I wanna get into business,'" she tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview.

"Pero, as of now, it's really just what I do for my husband and for myself. It's not yet, like, I'm there.

"Maybe in the future, I will get there. Pero kina-career ko siya talaga na kami everyday talaga meron."

Mariel says that juicing is really more of a lifestyle than a hobby for her.

"Actually, I just got back from Spain, si Robin naiwan pa doon, so the first thing I did is nag-juice ako. Kasama siya sa pagkatao ko na, e.

"Juicing, we got into it kasi Robin started getting sick, so we got into organic. From organic, we went into juicing, then that's how it all followed."

Mariel learned everything she knows today about juicing through Internet research and her travels abroad.

Slowly, the woman who admitted to hating vegetables when she was younger, learned to love and embrace them in her diet.

"I researched about it, and then, eventually, I sort of had a taste already of what I like.

"Like, for example, I like cilantro, so I put cilantro. And then I found out the good benefits of cilantro, ganyan.

"So, there were also some vegetables that I didn't like before but I like them now, like cucumber.


"I hated cucumber, never ate cucumber. But, because of its benefits, you will learn to love it talaga, so eventually natuto na rin ako what to mix and match.

"I never went to seminars. Puro online lang. I've made mistakes din, of course.

"Like, I got these really nice turnips that I got from Singapore. So, we juiced it, and then it tasted like wasabi. It was the worst!

"Meron kaming mga gano'n, kasi nga nag-iimbento lang ako, so ganito pala."

Of all the recipes she've tried and concocted, Mariel's favorite would have to be what she calls the "green juice."

"That's what we love to drink. It's spinach, celery, romaine lettuce, kale, sometimes we put carrot, apple, sometimes we put pineapple para it's sweeter, we put cilantro, cucumber, iyon basically.

"Robin really likes green juice, e, kasi feeling ko with the green juice everything is already there."

Mariel personally attests to the benefits of this organic mix.

"Lahat ng benefits! Number one, I was constipated all my life. Now I regularly go to the toilet. As in 'shoook,' gano'n, ang bilis, ang sarap ng feeling.

"And then, also, you have so much more energy, you... kasi di ba they say 'You are what you eat,' so if you're eating all these fresh goodies, then you feel fresh.

"A lot of people tell me, and I'd like to believe, sinasabi nila 'You're glowing.' So sabi ko, 'Uy, thank you.'

"I really think it's the juicing, kasi you sleep better, you feel better, you fell lighter.

"Kasi when you eat all these oily food na parang, di ba, inaantok ka, iyong after you eat iyong heavy ka, so if you eat all that inaantok ka after.

"With juicing, especially the green juice, hindi gano'n at all iyong nangyayari. You have more energy."






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