How to be an awesome bridesmaid according to Divine Lee

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Divine Lee, as she walked down the aisle during Karylle and Yael Yuzon's wedding on March 21. The Kapatid host was among the six bridesmaids, which included actress Iza Calzado; Yael's sister Ysabel Yuzon; and friends Gaki Azurin-Sanchez, Reg Geotina, and Kim Marvilla.

Any wedding is a memorable experience, not just for the bride or groom or their families, but even for the guests and those who are part of the entourage.

TV5 host and fashion blogger Divine Lee was handpicked by her bestfriend Karylle to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding.

Now, exactly one week after the Catholic ceremony held on March 21, at the San Antonio de Padua Church in Silang, Cavite, and the vintage-inspired reception held at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary in Tagaytay, Divine shares the five lessons she learned on how to be an awesome bridesmaid.

It's always been a rule that a wedding day is a bride's day, so it is the job of everyone around her, particularly her bridesmaids—that is why they're called "bride's maids"—to make the milestone moment special.

Divine says: "It's the bride's biggest day and you are her trusted person to make sure things go as planned.

"So, be ready to do everything and anything from running in high heels, coordinating other entourage, making sure suppliers are all present, and simply giving her the wedding of her dreams.

"Most probably, she'll return the favor when it's your turn to walk down the aisle."

All bridesmaids must possess good organizational skills and high intuition to foresee the things—both good and bad, but most especially the bad—that might happen during the wedding.

As Divine says, it is the bridesmaid's job to take care of the wedding's details while the bride is busy getting prepped for her big day.

"Prepare eveything a step ahead," she advises.

"While the bride is dressing up, be sure to check her bridal car. While in the church, check the reception...

"Be one step ahead to make sure that everything is perfect for your bride."

However, don't go overboard with the decisions that you make on the bride's behalf.


Divine reminds: "I helped K with her arrangements, but always keep in mind that your dream wedding is yours and not hers.

"Just give her the best wedding fit for her personality. Make it fun and their personality."

A bridesmaid is also bound to deal with the possible fits, tantrums, and panic attacks of the bride, so Divine's tip is to "Keep her smiling."

"It started raining while Karylle was getting ready, and she really started panicking and asking.

"Keep her calm and make her smile. Prayers helped a lot, and the rain stopped!

"But, for outdoor weddings, it's always smart to have tents ready for backup."

Finally, Divine asserts that one of the bridesmaid's duties in a wedding is to become the entertainer and gatekeeper of the bride's and the groom's families.

"Remember that a wedding is also a union of two families with different backgrounds and culture.

"Most probably, there will be a thin and invisible line between the families, because some may be shy and probably some members are meeting for the first time.

"Be the best in getting both families together. It will certainly make the bride and groom happy."

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