TRENDSPOTTING: Find out which shades Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake wore recently!

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Ever wonder what the CE and UV 400 signs mean on the temples of your eyewear? In photo: Von zipper's spazz.

Sunglasses have gone beyond their conventional usefulness. From simply protecting your eyes they are now making you look more fashionable.

There's a variety of shades out there to suit your style and taste. Those who are practical keep off the branded pairs, remarking, "Pareho lang naman sa mura." And there are those who do not even look at the price tag.

Here’s a list of things to consider when buying shades.

SUN PROTECTION. Heading for the beach? Trying out a new sport? Or just hanging out with friends? Whether you’re into surfing, trekking or sunbathing, do not forget to cover the eye area of your face.

Remember, Ultraviolet (UV) light can damage the cornea and the retina.

So, a must-do: check the temples.

According to an article posted on, "If sunglasses carry a CE mark [a European standard of UV protection], that means they should allow no more than 5 per cent of UV rays below 380 nanometers to get through."


Important facts: "Light is measured in nanometers, with UVB rays measuring 320-390 nanometers."

The "UV 400 sign" means that the glasses should not allow in UV rays below 400 nanometres—meaning, they technically offer more protection.

Also, look for shades with polarized lenses as these reduce the glare and give you better clarity of image.

QUALITY AND FIT. The price of high-quality shades starts at PHP4,000. The more trendy ones cost below PHP500.

Do inspect the frames for durability. Are they the type that get easily deformed? Are both lenses aligned with each other? Are the screws intact?

Try them on, when you shake your head, do the temples move? Yup, your shades should be the perfect fit for you.

STYLE. Lastly, find the pair that matches your personality.

American-brand Von Zipper, for instance, is known for its fashion-forward designs.

Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Robert Downey Jr., and even Iron Man, have been spotted wearing a pair. Price Range: PHP5,000 to PHP7,000.


Tommy Hilfiger, according to its website, encourages creativity and diversity. It shows in his line of shades. Locally, a pair of Hilfiger sunglasses is said to be among the top choices of the yuppies. Price Range: PHP4,000 to PHP8,000

The aspirational Gucci is all about class and glamour, which are usual requisites for the driven and determined pack of the working class.

Topbilling the brand's recent video for Techno Color sunglasses is James Franco. Price starts at PHP10,000.


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