Summer adventure destination near Metro Manila

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“I’m sure the activities here will develop camaraderie and sportsmanship, aside from encouraging outdoor adventure,” says Ayala Land vice president and Nuvali general manager Jun Bisnar about the newest attraction inside Nuvali called Camp N.

Do you want to have fun and adventure this summer without having to go on a long trip?

Try Nuvali’s newest attraction called Camp N in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, which is less than two hours away from Metro Manila.

This sports and adventure zone offers various attractions and activities for families and active individuals.

Ayala Land vice president and Nuvali general manager Jun Bisnar says Camp N's active and passive adventure facilities offer the perfect summer refuge by giving its patrons several ways of communing with nature.

“Camp N is another active lifestyle and healthy facility that we have developed here in Nuvali.

“It takes advantage of the natural terrain of the area,” said Bisnar during the formal launch of Nuvali’s newest attraction last April 26.

Camp N’s amenities include Obstacle Courses, Rope Courses, Aerial Walk, and Camping Grounds—which are all purposely built to promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

The Obstacle Course, which is a first of its kind in terms of size and tasks, offers advanced, intermediate, and basic courses. It can be integrated with the bike path around Nuvali.

The courses can be traversed individually or by teams, making it an ideal team-building and group dynamics exercise.

Meanwhile, Aerial Walk and Ropes Courses are for thrill-seeking people who want to try something new.

These two facilities are made up of a series of cable ropes and obstacles strung between poles, which are designed to challenge and promote personal development, targeting individuals who are always on the go.

For a complete outdoor experience, Camping Grounds are also set up inside Camp N.

Here, families and friends can spend a relaxing time in tents and sit around bonfires while staring at the stars and enjoying the cool breeze in the eco-friendly community of Nuvali.

The Camp N creators will also be building the Adventure Tower soon.


“It will be our main component, which will be part of Phase Two,” said Bisnar.

“It will have a rollercoaster zipline—the first of its kind in the country.

“This will take advantage of the views of ravines and the forest.

“It’s a roller coaster type of zipline. It will have a rappel wall, a climbing wall, and a freefall facility.”

Overall, Bisnar assures that Camp N will be an area that can be enjoyed not only by students and Nuvali residents, but also by companies gearing up for their group planning and team-building activities for summer.

“I’m sure the activities here will help foster camaraderie and sportsmanship, as well as encourage outdoor adventure,” he says.

OTHER ATTRACTIONS IN NUVALI. Apart from the adventure zone Camp N, Nuvali also offers other activities perfect for summer.

Across the Monochrome is the newly minted Rain Garden, which addresses the fitness and wellness needs of fitness buffs who wish to indulge in chi jogging, yoga, and capoeira.

The Rain Garden is an open park with a man-made rainwater catchment basin that occupies 3.2 hectares of Nuvali’s total land area and plays an important part in the whole ecosystem of the place. It is also a home to a variety of native trees, shrubs, and 33 species of bamboo septum that attract local wildlife and native birds.

On the other hand, wakeboarding enthusiasts need not travel for 12 hours just to try the famous water sports park in Camarines Sur.

Nuvali is the new home of Republic Wakepark, which is popular in CamSur. It has the regular wakeboarding facility for trained wakeboarders and beginners.

The area also has an al fresco tent where visitors can enjoy Republic Wakepark’s food treats.

With all these attractions, Nuvali's bustling eco-community is definitely a good choice for rest and recreation this summer.






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