Team Kramer's Cheska and Kendra prepare healthy, yummy dishes together with two chefs and a supermom

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Cheska Garcia-Kramer (middle) and daughter Kendra (right) help Chef Bruce Lim (left) mix ingredients for a delicious dessert.

Given a choice, kids would rather eat chips than broccoli.

Chef Rosebud Benitez of culinary TV show Quickfire, Chef Bruce Lim of the Asian Food Channel, Janice Villanueva of Internet portal Mommy Mundo, and Team Kramer's Cheska and Kendra Kramer share recipes and tips on how to make veggie dishes yummy and fun to eat.

Mask the Veggies. Kids go yech when served vegetables. Not Chef Rosebud’s children, who were taught to love their leafy greens at a very young age.

Her vegetable dishes don’t look like veggies. They’re pleasing to the eyes, yummy to the taste, and easy to eat. “For them it’s not a vegetable,” Chef Rosebud says.

“You must disguise it,” adds Delamar, host for the day, “so they look scrumptious."

Chef Rosebud shares her recipe for Malunggay Pesto, a delicious spread on crackers, bread or crostini.

Malunggay Pesto

This is perfect for the kids’ baon. Chef Rosebud even uses a silent blender to prepare the spread. She can make her yummy palaman while her baby (she recently gave birth) sleeps undisturbed.

Malunggay is a good protein substitute for milk, peanut is good for the memory, and garlic is good for the heart.

If you want a richer spread, add cream and sauté. You can also use cashew nuts instead of peanuts.

Go boneless. When kids would rather dodge dinner than eat fish because of tinik, don't think twice, serve boneless fish dishes.

Supermom Janice Villanueva shares her 10-minute Open Relyeno recipe.

Open Relyeno

“When mothers try to get their kids to eat fish, they go, ‘Mom, matitinik ako.’ Give them boneless bangus, end of argument. The kids will eat fish.” Delamar says.

Recycling a Pinoy Favorite. Leftovers can be recycled, especially if it’s adobo. Chef Bruce Lim shows us a new way to prepare this Pinoy favorite.


“This is actually a very special dish. I learned this at a very young age. My mom would always make us adobo, so we always have adobo in the house.

“We would make adobo fried rice, adobo on bread, and the ultimate dish—Adobo Pasta.”

Check out the recipe.

Adobo Pasta

“Ganun talaga pag adobo, e, parang when you cook it and you eat it, OK naman. But it gets better overnight or after two nights,” Delamar shares her experience with the national dish.

“This is something I would teach my boys. It’s quick and easy because you just recycle ulam. I want them to appreciate food for what it is.” Chef Bruce says.

Leave room for dessert. Kids love sweets. There’s nothing wrong with that. The trick is not to overeat.

“I eat what I like in moderation. I don’t overindulge,” says Cheska Garcia-Kramer.

Last April 24, Cheska and daughter Kendra helped Chef Bruce prepare a yummy dessert—Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup.

Here’s the sweet recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

“It’s kind of a trend right now. Preparing food and having fun,” says Chef Bruce.

Making dessert in a cup, or in any container, is fun for the kids. Let them mix this and that, just like Kendra did.

“You can add coco powder if you want, white chocolate or dark, just have fun with it,” Chef Bruce says.

What do you think of these recipes? Do you have recipes your kids love and you would like to share? Comment below.





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