Abbygale Arenas shares make-up tricks for a camera-ready look!

IMAGE Gia Allana Soriano

Abbygale Arenas (L) gives Miss Air Asia 2012's Glennifer Perido (R) a makeover!

First off, put on your base foundation. Abbygale Arenas shows how: “When you apply your foundation, you want to apply it on the middle of your face and then you move out.”

Abbygale recommends using BB Cream as it helps even out skin tone while it moisturizes your skin.

BB cream or blemish balm is popular in Korea as both a cure and cover-up for blemishes.

Since the foundation is liquid-based, Abbygale suggests applying a powder-based foundation over it to dry up the base.

Contour and Highlight. To make your face appear slimmer, contouring and highlighting the right parts are essential. Again, same rule applies, start in the middle of the face and then work your way outside.

“Keep in mind the inverted triangle when highlighting your face,” Abbygale reminds.

Imagine a straight line below your eye, and then two lines in each end going down to meet near your lips, forming the tip of a triangle. There you start using powder that is one shade lighter.


Abbygale says, “Do short quick strokes right in the middle of the face and under the eyes. Be very gentle, no pulling or tugging of the skin.”

She cautions that the skin on your face is a bit more sensitive, especially near the corners of the eye. You want to be extra careful when applying beauty products.

Also highlight the central part of your temples, the tip of your nose, and the chin area. After highlighting, start to darken the sides of your nose, your jawline, your cheekbones and the eye crease to create depth.

Says the make-up artist, “Whatever we color dark outside will diminish, whatever is in a lighter color will actually come out.”

Eye Solutions. For the eyes, you want it to pop out and make it look bigger. Starting with the heavy eyeliner, Abbygale suggests lining your eyes from top to bottom to create the illusion.


According to her, “The trick to using liquid liners, you want to thicken it a little bit to make your eyes look a lot bigger than they usually are.

“A lot of women are so scared to line the lower lid kasi parang matapang, but on stage you really have to emphasize your features.

“Meaning you have to show them the shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose, the shape of the cheeks.”

“After the liquid liner, darken the eyes with eye shadow, all up to the socket of the lids. Put Brown shades on top and blend the inner part with Shimmer White so it doesn’t end all dark.”

Lash, Line, Lash Technique. She also shows a technique when using false lashes, “for a widening look, you want to apply it on top of the liner.”

Remember, “Lash, line, and then put the false lash above the line, so it will appear bigger."


After that, you want to comb the lashes with mascara so that real lashes and the false lashes will merge together.

“Use your pinkie finger to lift it and make sure that the real lashes will attach to the false lashes, or else ang panget tingnan.

“But remember that this makeup will not look very good when we are like two feet away, this trick is for stage makeup,” Abbygale stresses.

Natural Blush for an added Flush. “When you do the blush, you smile,” Abbygale teaches.

When putting on make-up, everything goes upward. You also want to put blush only on the apples of your cheek.

“Since we’re done with contouring, no need to contour, all you need to do is to keep on blushing,” she explains.

Red Light for Bright Red Lipstick. Abbygale says to choose a shade that’s not too red or too bright, “Now you need to extend the lips a little bit, because thicker lips on stage are more attractive.”


And after a quick swipe and touch-up’s you’re now “ready for a ramp show!”





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