REVIEW. Green Canyon Resort: Where nature and art meet

IMAGE Rachelle Siazon

Green Canyon Resort's interior designer and sculptor Niccolo Jose on showcasing his artistic talent via the family-owned enterprise: "The wood that we have—my dad has been collecting for 20 years. His dream is to make vacation houses out of recycled materials. We really didn’t know that we were gonna get into construction. It was more like, we were given the responsibility to improve the land and make it Filipino."

Green Canyon Resort is the hidden jewel of Clark, Pampanga.

Situated at an off-highway terrain surrounded by lush canyons, the 29-hectare eco-art resort is the perfect location to spend a day away from city life.

PROUDLY PINOY ART. At the lobby of the main hotel, guests will be greeted by the artworks of 27-year-old environmentalist and sculptor Niccolo Jose, whose family owns the resort.

“This place is actually a story of my development as an artist and also my interaction with my family,” says Niccolo, who’s known for using reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

What makes his artwork special is that some of the wood he has used are from the collection of his dad for the past 20 years.

Niccolo’s dedication to his craft is reflected in his artworks which can be found around the resort and in the hotel—from art installations to sculpted paintings to one-of-kind tables and chairs.

At the lobby is the eye-catching chandelier made of 60 recycled wine bottles.

The hotel rooms—51 in all—have some of his art pieces: a quirky door knob, an original bed post, or an unusual lighting fixture.

Niccolo describes the hotel’s raw architecture and interior design: “When I make pieces, I try to move away from what we’ve developed in the last 100 years. Instead, I turn to the traditional way of making furniture 200 years ago.

“Before they started mass producing furniture, you would go to a craftsman and say, ‘This is for my house. This is my style.'”


NATURE AT ITS BEST. The golden hour at Green Canyon Resort offers a spectacular before-sunrise and before-sunset view of the Sacobia River and the mountainous terrain.

Guests can lounge on the second floor of the Palette Restaurant or explore the resort by foot or by taking a ride on an ATV.

For a refreshing treat, grab a glass of green mango and malunggay shake at the in-house restaurant before your guided tour.

The eco-art resort is actually built around the natural slopes of the canyon with visual art installations that consist of recycled twigs and Pinatubo rocks found at the Sacobia River.

Recreational facilities include a symphony pool beside Palette, a wave pool powered by a solar ball, studio for yoga and art classes, a greenhouse, ATV terrains among others.

Green Canyon’s brand manager Abel Jose narrates how the resort was founded by a family of nature lovers.

“When we were conceptualizing this place, we wanted to showcase what we were good at.

“We were good at preserving, we were good at maintaining, and we were good in art. At least my brother [Niccolo] is good in making art.

“We also love the environment. Our family really loves the nature aspect of this place.

“That’s what we want to do—we want people to share our appreciation of a place like this.”

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