The boys of Gimme 5 on how to stand out—fashionably!

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The boys of Gimme 5 (L-R) Brace Arquiza, Grae Fernandez, Joaquin Reyes and John Bermundo reveal their fashion style.

Brace Arquiza, Grae Fernandez, John Bermundo and Joaquin Reyes are set to blaze the trail in boys' fashion as the newest ambassadors of the SM Kids Fashion Denim.

Fashion and styling for kids change with the prevailing influences such as the economy, pop culture, and teen idols, to cite a few. But good sense and taste remain the norms in dressing well, even for kids. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) gets the chance to solicit dressing tips from the boys of Gimme 5.

Grae Fernandez is the son of Mark Anthony Fernandez. He believes that confidence helps a lot in dressing up.

“Confidence lang po talaga kahit ano pang outfit mo kung may confidence ka madadala mo lahat ng look at damit.”

Fashion tip: Be confident, carry the clothes.

“So ito muna ang susuotin ko or sasabihin ng mom ko, ito mas maganda.”

Fashion tip: When in doubt, get expert advice.

Brace Arquiza, 13

Brace varies his outfit depending on the occasion. He said that his dad is his influence in dressing up.

“Ako po binabagayan ko po kung saan ako napunta. Kunwari pang sayaw po, pang pormal, 'tapos ang nagaayos po sa akin daddy ko po, e.

"Tulungan po kaming dalawa.

"Be yourself, hindi po yan nadadala sa porma kung hindi kung ano po ikaw.”

Fashion tip: Pick clothes that reflect your personality

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