Maxene Magalona, Antoinette Taus share beauty tips

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Radiant beauties Maxene Magalona, Divine Lee, Antoinette Taus, Jodilly Pendre, Cheska Garcia, and MJ Lastimosa.

Get glowingly beautiful! Here are some tips from former teen star Antoinette Taus, hot mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer, actress Maxene Magalona, Asia’s Next Top Model 1st runner-up Jodilly Pendre, model Divine Lee, and Miss Universe 2014 representative MJ Lastimosa.

Take care of your crowning glory. “People always focus more on their makeup, but I feel like the hair really makes an impact,” Divine Lee says.

She can “go out na lipstick lang or kilay lang,” but she won’t ever be seen with frizzy hair.

It's easy to get rid of unattractive frizzy hair and have healthier locks with olive oil or coconut oil. Just rub some on your hands and run them through your hair. Leave on overnight then shampoo in the morning.

Drink water for clear skin. Asia’s Next Top Model 1st runner-up Jodilly Pendre says that eight glasses of water every day is the secret to her clear skin and fit body.

“Drink a lot of water lang, especially when you’re tired and when you’re stressed, water lang.

"And fruits ganun, it’s about eating the right food like vegetables and fruits. Tsaka, again, water lang,” Jodilly emphasizes.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Antoinette Taus's beauty secrets? “It’s actually super simple, cleansing and moisturizing, that’s it.”

The actress admits though, “Parati nga ako nagkakasala actually. Sometimes when I’m so tired from taping or events, there’s a possibility that I’ll be sleeping with makeup.”

She knows it's a no-no because the skin regenerates during sleep.

Before going to bed, “Always cleanse gently, and use a gentle moisturizer,” Antoinette reminds.

Jodilly agrees that skin care need not be complicated or expensive, “Mga basic lang, of course use facial cleansers, facial toner, and moisturizer, kasi your skin needs that.”

Eat right and keep up the workout. Still sexy after three kids, Cheska Garcia reveals her secret, “I work out at least twice or three times a week, I try to stay away from drinking too much soda or chocolates.”


On the other hand, Jodilly does gym work and yoga to maintain her model body, “Kasi it makes your body healthy and yung pagiisip mo rin.”

For MJ Lastimosa, “It’s always 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout. So for me, I always make sure that I eat healthy.

"If I have time, I always go to the gym. Take care of yourself and people will see it.”

You can also try Zumba, TRX, and aerobics for lean arms and flat tummies.

Smile and stay happy. Antoinette swears that being happy radiates from your whole being, “Happy people are the prettiest!”

The advice from Maxene Magalona, “Get a lot of sleep, and be yourself, always be yourself, never pretend.”

Maxene believes that confidence stems from inner beauty, it just shines through.

Cheska sums it up, “Keep your face clean, moisturize, drink water, sleep early, and have a happy disposition.”





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