REVIEW: The "gentle way" to get rid of acne

IMAGE Jocelyn Dimaculangan

Dr. H. Joy Gonzales-Mongcal, president and medical director of Skintrends.

"Acne is already a disease," Dr. H. Joy Gonzales-Mongcal told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other select publications during a recent visit to the Skintrends branch located at Festival Supermall in Alabang.

"Gusto ko nga siyang ipaglaban sa healthcards kasi ang mga pimple scarring hindi nila kinu-cover.

"Yun ang isang advocacy ko na sana ma-include sa mga healthcards ang pag-cover ng [acne treatment]."

On that particular afternoon, select members of the media were allowed to try a facial at the Alabang branch. This is the first branch of Skintrends that was opened in a mall. The branch is well-maintained, and it maximizes the limited space allocated to it. The lighting is subdued to provide a relaxing atmosphere for clients.

The attendant assigned to me was quiet, but responded quickly when asked. White, clean-smelling towels were used.

The procedure involved the usual steps:

1. Cleansing: sponges were used to thoroughly cleanse the face.


2. Steaming to soften the surface area of the skin and help loosen any dead cells, dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that could be causing breakouts.

3. Cool cleansing to clean the face again

5. Extracting: This to me spelled the difference among the other facials I tried before.

At this point, patients are given the option to have topical anaesthesia used in the procedure to lessen the pain of "pricking" or the process of extracting blackheads or whiteheads. If they prefer, patients may also choose to forego the anaesthesia altogether.

The pricking was so gentle!

True to its claim on its official website, Skintrends' acne treatment is the "most tolerable in terms of pain, prevents dark spots and trauma to the skin."

I dozed off while the attendant was conducting the procedure unlike other facial centers where pimple extraction can literally induce tears because of the pain.

The patient was also given the option to receive injections to treat the pimples.


To end the session, anti-inflammatory cream is spread on the patient's face and lotion is also added to protect one's face from pollution and other harsh elements.

Aside from availing of the facial, it is recommended that patients purchase the acne kit to help visibly reduce pimple scars and have clear, healthy skin.


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