Ways to add olive oil in your daily diet!

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Chef Tristan demostrates ways to use olive oil in easy-to-make healthy dishes. Check out his recipes in the Gallery.

In photo with Chef Tristan is TV host Bianca Valero.

Olive oil is known for being a source of monounsaturated fat, the kind of fat that’s good for you.

Monounsaturated fat can help lower bad cholesterol levels, decrease the risk of heart diseases, and keep your weight in check.

Get the body you have always wanted without giving up the foods you love. Replace the bad fats with good fats by using olive oil when cooking or baking. Or simply add some olive oil to your daily meal.

Here are some ways you can simply add this “superfood” to your everyday diet

Dip your bread in olive oil. Use wheat bread instead of white bread for a healthier alternative. Or go Italian. Use breadsticks or pita bread! You can mix some balsamic vinegar for added taste, then top your bread with cheese and tomatoes.

Use olive oil as salad dressing. Sprinkle it on leafy greens, just add some salt and pepper for taste, or on potato salad.

Bake using olive oil. Use olive oil when you make your chocolate cake. It is a great substitute for butter and other dairy products if you’re lactose intolerant.

Marinate in olive oil. For your next outdoor BBQ session, marinate fish, meat or chicken in olive oil. Customize the flavour by adding your choice of spices.

You can also try using an olive oil-based salsa or sauce for your dip.

Use it as a spread! You can buy olive oil-based bread spreads and have a guilt-free breakfast, or merienda, every day!

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