Andi Eigenmann says "black-sheep" is the new chic

IMAGE Allan Sancon

Andi Eigenmann is taking a break now that Dyesebel has ended and using the time off to bond with her daughter Ellie.

“Yung Black Sheep nga,” said Andi about her newest clothing endorsement.

At the label's conference held at TGIFridays on July 15, Andi was asked by a reporter if she’s in any way worried about the brand's connotation.

“Ay, 'di ako natatakot doon,” she promptly answered.

The actress explained, “...parang ikaw yung masama? E, 'di ba parang dati rin akong ganun?”

She recalled how she was misunderstood by most people before.

“There are certain issues in my life that people thought it was that way but in reality, no.

"Just because you’re not like all the rest doesn’t mean you’re bad.

"For me it just depends on how you take it."

She added that the brand fits her image perfectly in a positive way, “It’s about being fearless, being able to express something in your own way.

“When you say 'black sheep,' you’re not like all the others, not like all the rest.

"And I feel like I can relate to the brand in a way.

“...I embrace my uniqueness, I embrace the fact that I’m not just like everybody else and I don’t see the problem with it. I just do me.

“And I stand for what I believe in, I make sure not to go away from that, and I think that’s what it is about, it’s about individuality.”

HER FASHION TYLE. Andi also talked about her unique style and her love for mixing and matching clothes, “I like putting together outfits and looking nice all the time whenever I go out, just like all the other girls out there.

"I like being fun. I like being unique. Actually, my style really depends on my mood."

Andi elaborated that her style is a mix of “fun,” “colourful,” and “edgy,” but “classy” and “looks very nice,” all at once.


“It’s always a combination of being classy and chic at the same time.”

TIPS FOR ASPIRING MODELS. The model-actress also gave advice to aspiring models and product endorsers.

She indicated that the important thing is to just do what you love and love what you're doing, and the rest will follow.

“For the young girls out there who want to venture into modelling and endorsing, para sa akin the way to go is... as long as you’re having fun with it, and you like what you’re doing then go for it.

“Para sa akin kasi, ako, I do this for a living, trabaho ko siya, pero 'di ko nararamdaman yun kasi mahal ko yung ginagawa ko.

"Ine-enjoy ko siya at the same time, so it doesn’t seem like a chore,” Andi concluded.





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