ANTM's Allison Harvard glamorous in androgynous fashion

IMAGE Noel B. Orsal

America's Next Top Model runner-up Allison Harvard is comfortably dressed in lace top and flowy skirt for her contract signing with Bioessence last Saturday, July 19, at the Cerchio Restaurant in Quezon City.

America’s Next Top Model runner-up Allison Harvard is often seen dolled up in couture gowns of top fashion designers on the covers of fashion magazines.

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After her contract signing with Bioessence last Saturday, July 19, at Cerchio Restaurant in Quezon City, Allison talked about her personal style with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press.

The 26-year-old model expressed her preference for comfortable yet stylish fashion pieces, revealing that her closet is mostly filled with comfy sweaters and doll dresses.

“It’s kind of a mixture between a tomboy and then being super girly in a sense that I love baby doll dresses,” Allison explained.

“But I also love grungy over-sized sweaters and comfortable things like that.

“I think it just represents the different type of me where I’m messy and I’m painting and doing other things, my daily activities.

“And when I’m working, when I’m going out, I like to have a nice little dress on or something like that.”

Her advice to people who want to experiment with their style but lack the self-esteem to follow through: “I think, be proactive.

"I think, surround yourself with good energy.

“I think, it’s also important for people to know that even people that you look up to also have bad days.”

WARDROBE ESSENTIALS. Summing up, Allison described her over-all style as very androgynous. Here’s a list of her fashion staples:

1. Suits. “I wear a man’s suit like everyday if I could,” Allison said. “My favorite things actually, I’m glad you opened that up, are just great suits. I love fitted suits, I love loose-fitting suits so that’s definitely a big part of my style.”

2. Sweaters. “I have this huge sweater collection. I love sweaters," Allison said.


3. Oversized shirts. They're handy when she’s painting.

4. Baby doll dresses. That's the “girly side” of Allison.

5. A good pair of jeans. She loves them. The model-host said, “I love a good pair of jeans and I think once you find like your favorite pair of jeans, you can really do anything with it. You just have to make it your own.”





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