Hot Guy Alert: 10 things to love about race driver Marlon Stockinger

IMAGE Gia Allana Soriano

Marlon Stockinger on why he's single and not actively looking for a girlfriend: “If you have a job or you have a commitment that you know takes a lot of your time, you just don’t wanna be unfair in the sense that you only think about yourself.”

"I know I can drive that’s why I’m in racing,” said Marlon in a recent exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

2. He loves his parents, shows it and how! A big part of Marlon’s source of inspiration comes from his parents who paved the way for him to pursue his passion for racing.

He was nine when his dad introduced him to kart racing.

Eventually, both parents “moved mountains” to get him to drive a Formula One car in the Philippines.

“I’m a very lucky son to have supportive parents because you need that especially in competitive sports.

"They’re a great team [my parents], they’re both dedicated and hard-working.

"Our whole family is really close.

"It’s something I realize down the line especially the more time I got away from them.”

3. He’s a loving brother to his siblings As seen on Marlon’s Instagram photos, he enjoys bonding with his 20-year-old sister, Audrey.

They enjoy working out together when they’re on vacation. Audrey is currently based in England, where she’s finishing a course in History. Marlon, on the other hand, is blazing the trail in racing competitions all over Europe.

“I think I’m more inspired by her than how she is with me. She’s the one who really stuck in school.

"In a way I’m jealous of what she has achieved. She has so many friends. She gets good grades in the university.

"Of course, that whole social life, that whole scene is fun. I get to experience it once or twice when I visit her in campus.”

Marlon also has an eleven-year-old brother, Alex, who wants to “race me and beat me in the track. That’s normal.”

4. He’s very athletic. Marlon shares that one of his earliest sports is basketball and is, in fact, a huge fan of basketball legend Michael Jordan.


“He was one of my first sporting heroes because I got to see [Chicago] Bulls when they won a championship.

"And I love basketball as well, it’s typical when you grew up here in the Philippines.

"Unfortunately, I stopped growing, so I also stopped playing.

"And I knew that I wouldn’t have a career in basketball but I always enjoyed it.”

In between competitions, Marlon does boxing as part of his cross-training; he bikes and surfs as well.

5. He is a reader. Big surprise to his Instagram followers that he reads Ernest Hemingway’s books such as "The Old Man And The Sea (1953 Pultizer prize winner for fiction) and Death In The Afternoon.

“Can't wait to dive into my new books! And to answer your question... Yes! Racing drivers can read! #Hemingway,” stated Marlon’s caption in his June 2013 Instagram post.

6. He is a hard worker. Marlon does not believe in luck and therefore burrows himself in pure industry to achieve his goal.

He said, “I hate the word luck. When you end up in a really big position or you win a race, you really earn it.”

In the last 14 years, he submitted himself to rigorous training programs and joined competitions in Europe to improve his racing skills.

These paid off when he won one of the two races at the GP3 Series held in Monaco in 2012, signalling a breakthrough in his career path.

7. He is single and available. He said he is not actively looking for a girlfriend after admitting that he was in a serious relationship "fairly recently."

It didn’t work out because his career got in the way of romance. He was anywhere but nowhere near the girlfriend because of his commitments abroad.

Not that he's inconsiderate or thoughtless.

As he put it, “If you’re a guy and if you really want to be a gentleman to a woman you’re pursuing or a woman you’re in a relationship with, I think the last thing you want to be is unfair to them.


"So in the end, if you have a job or you have a commitment that you know takes a lot of your time, you just don’t wanna be unfair in the sense that you only think about yourself.”

8. He’s well-traveled. But for him, nothing feels like home.

Marlon is currently based in Switzerland where his father has roots.

“In Zurich, Switzerland, it’s not buzzing all the time compared to big cities like London and Paris.

"But I like the quiet, I like keeping to myself because I come from the chaos of racing.

"The lake is really nice there.

"I like how it’s so close to the Alps and so close to all the other borders like Italy, France, and Germany.”

9. He's truly down-to-earth. He comes from a prosperous family, but doesn’t show it.

Marlon’s parents are co-founders of a Swiss finance and investment company called SFIC and he is pursuing a high-maintenance career abroad, evidence of weath.

But outside the race track, the Lotus F1racing driver leads a low-key lifestyle. Afer winning a big competition, he revealed he rewards himself with his favorite snacks.

“Like I’ll just have a big-ass cheat day for myself, I’ll eat sweets, chocolates, pizza.

"I’ll just not think about my diet. But for sure my favorite is Filipino food.”

10. He's proudly Pinoy. Marlon has always represented the Philippines in European racing competitions since he was 17 years old.

“I think it helps that I’m from the Philippines because that makes me unique.

"There’s no one else from the Philippines.

"At the same time, I’m one of the few Asians, so you’re easy to be spotted.”

Marlon will drive his Lotus-Gravity Charouz Formula Renault 3.5 race car as part of the Globe Speed Day’s activities.


A joint project of Globe and Lotus F1, the event will be held on a street circuit set-up at BGC, Taguig City on August 30.

Apart from giving Filipinos a feel of F1 racing, the event also highlights Globe’s newly-upgraded network, which has recently rolled out 100 percent 3G coverage nationwide.





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