Iya Villania revels in being Mrs. Drew Arellano

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Mr. and Mrs. Drew Arellano, rapturously married!

Sobrang happy. Sobrang nakakakilig. It really brings me a lot of happiness. Nakakataba ng puso,” Iya rhapsodized about what it feels like to be married to her long-time boyfriend Drew Arellano.

“Ang sarap ng feeling to be in this position now kasi natapos na eh.

"We’re married na, we’re living together, we’re enjoying our time together, and yet there are all these blessings…

"So parang na-confirm na tama yung ginawa ko, that I made the right decision.

“I think it’s a really healthy relationship because we help keep each other young, active, fit, and happy,” she elaborated.

MORNING ROUTINE. Iya shared what a good morning is like in the Arellano residence. She readies black coffee for her husband and for her, she likes it sweet and creamy.

“Yung bonding time namin is when we exercise in the morning, when we prepare breakfast.

"Minsan kasi mas maaga ako natatapos mag-exercise, so pag ako nauuna umuwi, ako nagpre-prepare ng breakfast.


"Pero minsan pag sabay kami, siya yung nagpre-prepare ng breakfast.

“Actually time in the kitchen together is a bonding moment,” Iya added.

When asked if they still have time to go on dates, she answered without hesitation, “I think every time we’re together feels like a date.

"Whether it’s a lunch, whether it’s a dinner, even if it’s a home-prepared meal, date pa rin yung feeling eh.”

Future Plans. Will there be little Iya and little Drew any time soon? “May plano kami, after two years,” Iya shared.

“Kasi this whole married life is still a new thing for Drew and I, gusto muna naming i-enjoy ito.

“Alam mo naman ang peg namin ni drew, take your time.

"Take your time from being mag-jowa, mag-boyfriend and girlfriend, talagang nag-take our time kami doon.

"So ngayong magasawa kami we’re gonna take our time first before we have a child.”


Meantime, is she Drew's baby?

“Hindi niya ako masyadong bine-baby,” Iya said, explaining that it’s not really her personality to be treated that way.

“Pero may mga moments na gusto ko bine-baby niya ako. In those moments naman, sasabihin ko lang tapos ibe-baby naman niya ako.

"Madali lang naman siya kausap, sasabihin ko lang naman.”

Changes. Iya said nothing much has changed except that she is “happier, more in love, more active, healthier, more relaxed” than before saying “I do” at the wedding altar.

“Natatawa nga sila sa akin. Kasi kung ano yung mga kilos ko bago ako ikasal, ganun pa rin ngayon.

“E alam mo naman ako, sobrang kengkoy, tapos sasabihin nila, ‘Iya nakakatawa parang wala kang asawa.’"

She laughed, “Bakit, ano ba dapat peg ko? Parang haggard na asawa? Ganun ba dapat? Di na ako dapat masaya?”

Iya also related that Drew as a boyfriend and now as a husband does not impose any restriction in relation to her projects, “Pag wala enjoy muna pahinga.”


She continued, “There are times when you’re super busy and there are times when mas chillax ka. So just enjoy whatever moment it is that you are in.

“Lalo na ngayon, now that we’re married, now that we live together, at least it’s always at the end of the day, andito pa rin kami.”

While its normal for people about to get married to have fears and anxieties, Iya apparently experienced none of those.

She said, “What should I have to fear? I’m not doing anything immoral.

“Drew and I took our time. Wala namang maling ginagawa, and I really decide to have faith in God, na bahala na si Lord sa amin.”


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