Nicole Winhoffer shares five easy ways to get back in shape after giving birth


Filipina-German Nicole Winhoffer makes it sound easy. But it's all up to you. Know what you want, focus on the goal and achieve it!

Filipina-German Nicole Winhoffer is a world-renowned fitness expert and personal trainer to celebrities like Madonna, Rachel Weisz, Stella McCartney, Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish, Mya and Steven Klein.

She is also the creative director of the Madonna-owned Hard Candy Fitness "The Addicted to Sweat" program. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Nicole Winhoffer last July 22, at One Life Studio, Makati City, the five easy ways to lose the bagginess of pregnancy after giving birth.

The beginning is always the hardest but if you put your heart in it then nothing is impossible. Know what you want, eye on the goal and achieve it!

1. Sign up!

For starters, Nicole suggests to check out the place where you want to work out, “Well I think the first thing that I would do is check out a studio,” says Nicole.

“So usually when you join and become a member, you are more inclined to work out. Because you are already a part of a membership.

"I know that One Life Studio has an amazing membership program and they offer incredible classes.

Tip: One Life Studio is a Yoga and Pilates studio. It is located in Greenhills and Makati. For more details you may visit their site:

2. Plan a monthly calendar

Tip: What you eat goes to your baby so choose what you eat. Keeping that in mind will help you make better [food] choices.

4. Load on protein

"I think they go hand in hand but I think the workout has a bigger effect on a female body.”

Tip: Nicole Winhoffer’s Addicted to Sweat work out is now available on DVD. So sweat and be trained like a star in the comfort of your home. For more details visit





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