Marvin Agustin opens another restaurant in Makati

IMAGE Noel Orsal

"A kid will always say I wanna be a doctor or a lawyer, but when I was a kid, I would say, 'I want to be a businessman.' That’s what I would answer my family, so yun, here I am." (In the photo) Marvin poses with singer Kyla and her husband Rich Alvarez during the VIP night at Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Makati last August 22.

Actor turned businessman Marvin Agustin opens the newest addition to his growing restaurant empire, Teddy’s Bigger Burger, at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City.

“My partner actually found this in Hawaii when he was travelling with his family and then he couldn’t forget about it. He had to drag us to Hawaii to try it.

“And tama siya, it’s the best burger. And at the same time, yun na rin direction ng company namin, to bring in international brands.”

Marvin and his business partners currently handles Kung Fu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill, SumoSam, Marciano’s, John & Yoko, Johnny Chow, Komrad, and Robotosan.

“We actually love travelling as friends, and then we try to bring home the experience here.

“Like for example, you know, we’re always in Japan, we’re always in the States, and my partner said, ‘Why don’t we come up with an experience of Japanese with a fun ambience?’ So Sumo Sam was born.


“And now our direction is to really bring in the brands that we love, so we’re starting with Teddy’s.”

SECRET RECIPE TO SUCCESS. Starting as waiter when he was younger, the actor slowly worked his way up to successfully accomplish goals.

“Honestly, there’s no secret. You could achieve a lot of great things.

“Actually, I read this quote, I don’t know from where, ‘You could achieve great things with two things: common sense and perseverance.’

“There's no really secret or formula in succeeding. If you really want it, you’ll get there.

“It’s not the age. You can definitely see both younger people and older people. It’s about the passion in what they do. It’s about their determination and perseverance.

“Sometimes you just have to find that love for something, whatever that is: food, entertaining people. You just have to.

“First thing that I would tell someone, know yourself, know what makes you happy, and if you find it, you could probably come up with a business,” Marvin advices.


ON LEAVING SHOWBIZ. The actor also makes it clear that he will never turn his back on the entertainment industry.

“I will never ever leave acting. I will do acting forever,” he gushes.

“Now I’m doing a movie, I’m juggling my time with restaurants, production, and acting.”

Marvin is currently busy with his business ventures, acting career, and now his production company.

With so much on his plate, how does he balance his time?

“I really don’t know, I just do it. I just love doing all of them.”

The actor cites “passion” as the main reason that he is able to keep going even after a tiresome and stressful day.

FUTURE PLANS. Having done so many things at the age of 35, from acting to archery to being an entrepreneur, Marvin still has no plans of stopping.

“I’m very happy. I still want to achieve a lot of things. I still want to work. I don’t plan to retire any time soon.


“I still want to open a lot of restaurants. I still want to inspire more people, my employees, help their families.

“And hopefully, we could bring our local brands outside the Philippines, hopefully,” Marvin concludes.


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