Coco Martin and Ryan Agoncillo share their “pampa-gwapo” routines

IMAGE Gia Allana Soriano

Coco Martin attends the formal opening of Aivee Clinic at SM Megamall Fashion Hall.

“Unang-una siyempre sa trabaho namin, laging puyat, siyempre kailangan din namin ng time para alagaan yung sarili namin,” Coco Martin explains when asked about how he takes care of his skin.

Coco and Ryan Agoncillo were interviewed at the opening of Aivee Clinic at SM Megamall recently.

Coco reveals he has monthly facials to keep his skin supple. As for Ryan, he admits to using a moisturizer.

“Oh my God. A guy using moisturizer! I actually do, aminin ko,” the TV host says.

“You see, with my wife (Judy Ann Santos), I’ve learned to take care of my skin. Once in a while, I have those abrasive treatments, once or twice a week.”

“I have a facial at least once a month. If I could, twice. And also a peel, at least once a month. And I have my zits zapped whenever needed.

“But apart from that, it’s really just the basic stuff, washing my face and using sunblock.

“I have those scrubs. Or a light facial wash. I also use sunscreen,” Ryan explains.

Ryan also advises men to “take care of their skin before it’s too late.” It doesn’t have to be anything grand, as long as they don’t make "pabaya."

“Especially guys who are into sports, they have to clean their face regularly. Because men's skin take a lot of abuse.

“Always clean your face... at the very least, always clean your face,” he says.

Dr. Z Teo of medical skin care clinic Aivee Clinic says you earn “pogi points” just by regular cleansing!

“Guys are really... they are really very, very lazy in a way. My advice is to keep it simple. But do something about it.

“Get a good cleanser, get a good facial wash and use a night cream. Apply sunblock to prevent hyperpigmentation. And do get facials and lasers once a month. That would be good.”






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