Derek Ramsay mixes technology and physical workouts to keep fit

IMAGE Nerisa Almo

Although a user of body scuptor, Derek Ramsay clarifies that technology is not a substitute for exercise to achieve a well-toned body. It's okay if your goal is to lower body fat, but if you want abs, he says you have to invest time to workout, burn the calories, and exercise those muscles or "you won’t see those come out."

Technology has come to the rescue of people who want a less strenous way to tone their body. It offers convenience as well, particularly to those whose excuse for not exercising is lack of time.

Take a leaf from actor Derek Ramsay who confessed that he has used the body sculptor technology being offered by the Belo Medical Center.

“It definitely helped me when I hurt my legs. I was injured and I couldn’t do any strenuous activity.

"So I used the body sculptor, which electrocutes your muscle parts and tones your body,” Derek told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a short interview during his photo shoot for Men’s Health.

While it’s very helpful to achieve a fit body, Derek made it clear that the procedure is not a shortcut for the real thing.

He stressed, “If you don’t put in the work and time to exercise, hindi naman masusunog ang fat doon.


“If you want to sculpt your body or lower your body fat, you can use that.

“But if you haven’t invested the time to workout, burn the calories, and exercise those muscles, you won’t see those come out.

“It’s still hiding under the layer of fat so you still have to have an active lifestyle, you still have to workout.

“You still have to find time and effort to spend on your workout.”

The Kapatid actor laughed when PEP told him about the rumors that he has become totally absorbed in high-tech body sculpting procedures to grow his abs and muscles.

“I heard about that, but you can’t really fake it,” the actor said dismissively.

But yes, he admitted, he's very much into it because it is convenient.

As he put it, “I loved it. I could just lie there and put these patches on my abs and diretso ko na to the highest level.


“It was a good way for me to keep my abs toned when I couldn’t do my workout.

“Now that my knees are back, I can work out and every now and then I go to Belo.”

Read more about Derek’s fitness routines in the September issue of Men’s Health.


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