Papa Jack differentiates obsessing from simple fangirling

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90.7 Love Radio DJ Papa Jack at the launch of his second book Everything I Need To Know About MOVING ON I Learned From PAPA JACK

You rant, you spazz, you have his recent photo as the background of your computer and phone. You collect his CDs and use his posters as your room’s wallpaper. You watch videos about him, know all his songs by heart, and fall in love over and over again in each of his teleserye.

Sounds familiar?

You've also joined his fan club, started spazzing with fellow fan girls, gone to his concerts and mall shows, fed him with adulation, and gone without food to afford all that.

Still okay?

As his self-proclaimed “fiancé,” you call him your “boyfie” or “hubby.” You continue to hallucinate, “He’ll soon know,” you reason.

You've stalked him off-cam (you've known his daily schedule) and bashed his on-screen partners and fellow fans because he’s supposed to be “yours.”

Acceptable? Papa Jack thinks not.

“I don’t think na okay pa na maging ganun ka,” says the 90.7 Love Radio’s midnight love advisor.


“Kasi unang una, you are a fan, 'di ba?

"Kasi if I say yes to that, it gives an obligation to all the stars, to the actors and actresses, to reciprocate ba yung attention na binibigay ng fans.

“Because, at the end of the day, we all love Daniel Padilla.

"But I think we love kung ano man nakikita natin on-cam. We are a fan of what we see on-cam.

“But how he is as a person personally, fan pa rin ba tayo nun?”

He also warns about the damage it can do to relationships.

One fan confessed that her relationship with her current boyfriend is going downhill because of jealousy.

“Depende naman siguro kung artista, 'di ba?

"Parang para pagselosan mo si Sam Milby, parang nakakahiya naman yung ganun, 'di ba?

“Pero depende pa rin naman siguro. Maybe if it takes up the time that you’re supposed to give to your partner, sa pagiging fanboy or fangirl mo, then it becomes wrong,” Papa Jack explains.


ON BEING SINGLE. Papa Jack also gives a word of advice to single ladies who “choose to be to single.”

“Alam mo, hindi ako naniniwala sa mga tao na they have chosen to be single.

“Wala lang nanliligaw or wala lang gusto sa mga nanliligaw sa kanila.

“I don’t think there is someone na intention nila… well, siguro yung mga magpa-pari or madre, exception na lang talaga yun.

"Pero yung normal ka, I don’t think you’ve chosen to be single, I think wala ka lang talagang opportunity.

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