Jodi Sta. Maria says being in love should not be the deciding factor for one to strive to be healthy and beautiful

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Jodi on how to achieve weight-loss goals: “Becoming healthy and fit is achievable if you are determined, focused, and you put your heart into it.”

An actress and a mother, Jodi Sta. Maria has been a highly sought-after public figure for more than a decade, but her beauty remains ageless. And her endorsements of beauty products and health supplement are a testament to this.

The Be Careful With My Heart actress shared simple figure enhancing tips that she does to stay fit.

At a press conference of Cosmo Body held in Luxent Hotel, Quezon City last Wednesday, September 10, Jodi enumerated simple exercises to keep in shape that can be tried even at the comforts of one’s home.

“Yung mga simple lang. Hindi naman talaga ako nakakapunta ng gym. Mga cardio, brisk walking, takbo-takbo, paakyat kahit sa hagdan. Pwede na yun, di ba’? Especially for those na walang time pumunta talaga sa gym at mag-exercise.

Being at the height of her career, with a teleserye going strong since 2012 and a movie coming soon, and numerous endorsements for beauty, Jodi must be one confident lady.

She mentioned ways to help boost one’s confidence and be comfortable with one's body.

“It is important that you’re comfortable with your body, happy ka dun sa katawan mo and yung ma-achieve mo yung weight talaga na gusto mo…pag na-achieve mo yun, parang ibang fulfillment yung nararamdaman mo."

PROPER EATING HABITS. The 32-year-old Kapamilya actress seems too good to be true. Doesn’t she ever binge on sweets and junk food, like most of us?

“Oo, pero kasi iniiwasan ko rin, e, so I also watch what I eat. May time na minsan may mga bibili nga ng mga sweets. Medyo iniiwasan ko yan,” she confessed.

Aside from eating clean, Jodi’s radiance also stems from proper nurturing of the mind, which is also a way to prevent cravings.

“Alam niyo po, yung misconception na akala natin na kapag wala tayong tulog, nakakapayat. Pero minsan yun pa yung point na nananaba tayo, so important po talaga na may ample amount ng sleep para ma-maintain natin yung figure natin, kasi tendency minsan pag puyat ka, babawi ka sa pagkain,” she explained.


Like most regular people, Jodi has also experienced gaining more weight than she’d like, and has struggled with weight loss.

BATTLE WITH GAINING WEIGHT. “May point po sa life ko na nag-gain po ako ng weight, especially after my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Thirdy, 42 lbs po yung na-gain ko, so kailangan ko po siyang i-lose.

"And dumating din po ako sa point na hindi ako consistent sa diet ko so may times na malaki ako tapos maliit.”

Even though Jodi has self-control in eating and getting her beauty rest, she said she’s not the type to force anyone, even friends on trying out any health and wellness regimen.

“I try to influence them to eat healthy and take the supplements I am taking, but I do not force them."

FITSPIRATION. Aside from the usual routine in taking care of oneself, does she think being in love is a factor in motivating her to stay beautiful?

“Yes, it’s a factor because you’re inspired and you wanna look good for the person that you love, pero huwag nating gawing reason yung pagiging in love lang for us to live a healthy lifestyle,” she said matter-of-factly.

She agreed that being a mother shouldn’t be a hindrance to keeping a good figure.

“It doesn’t mean na because mommies na tayo, magpapabaya na tayo. Having a child doesn’t mean we should forget ourselves. Alagaan pa rin ang sarili," she said.

MAIN MAINTRA. For Jodi, the ultimate thing one should keep in mind when struggling to keep the calories at bay is the right mindset.

“Becoming healthy and fit is achievable if you are determined focused and you put your heart into it,” she concluded.





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