Vina Morales on daughter Ceana: “She’s the best thing that ever happened in my life.”

IMAGE Nimfa Chua

Vina Morales is a fulfilled single mom and a successful businesswoman. Here, she beams as she celebrates the 16th anniversary of her Ystilo Salon, which coincides with the opening of its newest branch in Mall of Asia.

Vina Morales makes it clear that when choosing a project her first consideration is how much time it will take away from being with her daughter.

So when she passed the audition to portray Imelda Marcos in a musical, she didn’t hesitate to let go of the project after learning that she has to spend months abroad for the role.

She reasons, “Ceana pa rin eh hindi ko pwede iwan yung anak ko.”

“As I said, I have other projects na maski papano hindi ko magawa kasi my priority is my daughter.

“Which is dapat naman talaga ganun,” the blooming mother stresses.

The actress further explains, “Especially, since I’m a single mom, 'di ba kailangan hands-on ako para sa anak ko?”

Raising Ceana on her own, has it occurred to her to open herself to love again?

“Sabi nga nila, I have to think of myself too.

But siguro sana next year, if I find someone it will just happen eh.


“If the spark is there, naku! Tuloy-tuloy na yan,” Vina gushes.

FORGIVENESS. Vina Morales confides she has forgiven those who have hurt her in the past, adding she has “no regrets” about the decisions she made when she was younger.

“Minsan naiisip ko, paano kaya if hindi naging ganun yung naging buhay ko.

“Pero… hindi ko kayang palitan ang nangyari sa buhay ko kasi baka wala akong Ceana ngayon.

“And she’s the best thing that ever that ever happened in my life.

“Kaya siguro wala akong regret.

“Kasi buhay ko yun eh buhay ko si Ceana,” the actress says.

A wiser and stronger Vina Morales adds, “In general, kung sino man yung nagkaroon ako ng relasyon at hindi nag-workout, that’s already my past, I’d forgiven them.

“Napatawad ko na silang lahat.”

She admits though that she continues to pray, “Pero yung pinagdadasal ko talaga yung one hundred percent na forgiveness, yun talaga yung prayer ko.


“You can forgive someone, I don’t know if you have to forget.

"Hindi rin dapat, but I’ve learned yun yung importante.

"But I’m still at that stage na pinagdadasal ko talaga totally yung forgiveness and peace of mind.

"Parating na naman ako doon, I think I am at that stage.

“Makikita naman siguro sa aura ko kung hindi ko pa sila napatawad.

ROBIN PADILLA. One thing she has assured, it's not in her to bad-mouth anyone, “I would never say bad things sa mga taong nakasakit sa akin, sa buhay ko.

"It’s better not to say anything.

“Even to Robin [Padilla], syempre alam naman ng lahat ng iyak ako ng iyak kay Robin.

"Pero alam mo pinatawad ko na rin siya kung nasaktan man niya ako noon.

“Kaya siguro mas maganda yung buhay ko ngayon, marunong ako magpatawad, at nakapagpatawad na rin ako.”





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