Martin Nievera reveals special diet perks him up

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Martin Nievera has followed the advice of Lea and he's happy to report, “All my old clothes are fitting again, I can close my buttons again," and he walks with a spring in his step.

“There’s more excitement in my steps when I move, when I walk,” said Concert King Martin Nievera about his experience with the Paleo Diet.

According to him, it is basically a “caveman’s diet, what a caveman would eat… no sugar, it's gluten-free."

He elaborated on this when he was interviewed by (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the PLDT Gabay Guro Charity Gala last September 16 at the Manila Polo Club.

It appears that a no-sugar and gluten-free diet makes for a boring and flavorless meal especially, as Martin said, "All the junk stuff we love so much, it has none of it."

But he assured that the Paleo Diet "won’t leave you feeling deprived."

The singer-host related it was Lea Salonga who convinced him to try it.

And now he is an advocate. He said, “On television you gain at least ten pounds on screen, and all my kasama on TV, puro payat.

"I’m trying to look like at least I’m not their grandfather.

"So Paleo Diet is teaching me how to eat healthier and in less amounts as well," which means giving up sweets and yummy junk foods.

The result?

“My disposition onstage, I’m not as sluggish.

"I’m performing like I used to perform before when there was more excitement in my body because I’m actually lighter now,” Martin disclosed.

WEIGHT ISSUE. Martin admitted that weight has always been his problem,“Ever since I was a little boy, even when I was three, I was fat so weight has always been an issue.”

But now, “All my old clothes are fitting again, I can close my buttons again, and the important thing, so do a lot of other people.”

He related further that he complemented his diet with physical exercises, “I work out every so often… wherever and whenever I can.


"More often than not I’m at the gym in some hotel because I’m always on the road.”

According to him, the diet discipline can be particularly challenging when he's on the road.

“There are shows almost every other day in different time zones of the world, which is really hard.

"What’s gonna be even harder is to continue my Paleo Diet,

"That’s why you see me posting [on Instagram] all the time.

"It helps remind myself of my goal.

PERKER-UPPER. Martin also attributed eating healthy to improvement in his performances.

He averred, “Yes part of my diet and my workout now, especially the walking, is to strengthen my voice again and my body."

Martin confirmed he has been preparing for a concert tour in the U. S. this October, “I have a couple of nights at the Suncoast in Las Vegas on October 18 and 19 with a band.

"And I go on the road with just myself, a piano player and musical director.

"It's more challenging because there are no instruments to hide behind.”





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