Phil and JamesYounghusband say goodbye to bad hair days

IMAGE Mark Atienza

Brothers Phil and James Younghusband, together with the country’s top bloggers Lauren Uy, Kelly Misa, and Nicole Andersson lend their support to an online source for grooming and styling hair.

Samson is to Bible as Rapunzel is to fairy tale. Both are highly identified by their hair and what it stands for: source of strength, identity, and power. The might of Samson weakened when Delilah cut his hair; while Rapunzel used her long tresses to enable Prince Charming free her from her prison tower.

Hair is also considered to be one’s crowning glory.

More tidbits and useful tips about hair are being made available to netizens via All Things Hair (ATH) YouTube Channel, which was launched last Thursday, September 18, at the Green Sun Building in Makati City.

First in Asia, the ATH is a collaborative effort of Google, the world’s biggest search engine, and Unilever’s global hair brands, to provide an ultimate source of everything that everyone who cares about their hair needs to know.

Brand ambassadors Phil and James Younghusband together with the country’s top bloggers Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, Lauren Uy, and Nicole Andersson are lending their support to this online source for hair solutions and styles.


Speaking of hairstyles, what do these celebrities like best?

Kelly: I’m a low-maintenance girl so lagi akong naka-pony tail pero that was before all of this. Because of the videos,iba-iba ng looks ang pwede kong i-try.”

Lauren: Ngayon nagpagupit ako, gusto ko messy wavy.

Phil: Depende, if it’s long, siguro the surf’s up. If it’s short, I like the faux hawk or the Mohawk style.

James: The slick-back Superman style. It keeps the hair away from my eyes, especially when I’m playing football. It looks good.

For women like Kelly and Lauren, hairstyle matters as it boosts their confidence. But for the Younghusbands, they are not so picky when it comes to hair length.

“I like girls na may confidence with their hair,” says Phil who admits that he and Kapamilya actress Bangs Garcia are still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage.

But a bad hair day is ever inevitable even for the most savvy of cosmopolites. Example:


Kelly: Definitely, our weather… Our climate talaga ang nakaka-bad hair day.

Lauren: I usually have shoots so medyo nagiging frizzy siya.

Phil: Minsan may araw na it’s not going in the right place, the fringe keeps pulling down usually on days when I’m not doing anything.

To the rescue, the online source for hair solutions. Bye-bye, bad hair days.


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