PEP Gift Guide: Vanessa Matsunaga's most memorable gift from her brother Daniel

IMAGE Allan Sancon

Vanessa Matsunaga remembers a time when Daniel sacrificed his wants to give her a present, "He’s mabait talaga. Grabe, he’s very giving."

93 DAYS TO GO! Christmas season is the perfect time for families to get together. It’s the time to think about presents to give to people close to you. How do stunning Brazillian-Japanese celebrity siblings Vanessa and Daniel Matsunaga celebrate the season of gift-giving? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Vanessa last Thursday, September 18, at the Strip and Browhaus store opening in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

Vanessa narrated the story of how her younger brother Daniel gave her one of the most memorable Christmas gifts she ever received.

“I remember a long time ago when we first started modelling, he really wanted to buy a computer for himself," she began.

But then, she related, her brother also knew how much she needed a computer "so we can communicate with my mom and my dad.”

So he used the money he saved to buy a computer, Vanessa went on, "but instead of buying it for himself, he gave it to me, grabe talaga.”


GIVING BROTHER. Daniel is now a household name after emerging as the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: All In. What’s he like as a real brother?

Vanessa burst with pride, “He’s mabait talaga, grabe, he’s very giving.

"He’s not selfish and very charismatic. We’re very close."

Vanessa confirmed that Daniel would do everything for his family because that's the way of their family.

She said, “It’s the way our parents raised us, that the most important thing in life is family and God.

“My brother and I and my youngest brother, everything we do we really owe it to our parents, how they raised us.

"We’re really blessed to have them as parents.”

Vanessa shared that not much has changed in their lives since Daniel won in PBB: All In, except they've both become busier.

“He’s been really busy, I see him maybe once a week.


"I really miss him, he’s my movie buddy and food buddy, too.”

As it is, one can never be nice enough for bashers. Despite his strong following during his stay in PBB, Daniel also invited criticism for winning the grand prize when he’s not a Filipino.

Vanessa commented, “We feel like we really belong here.

"Even if we’ve been to many countries our hearts are for the Filipinos, we love the Filipinos."


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