The Sandbox Collective's The Imaginarium merges high art and pop culture

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Theater director Toff de Venecia explains the existential concept of The Imaginarium, "Life is inherently without meaning and therefore absurd. Para lang kayong bumalik sa Philo class."

The performing arts group, The Sandbox Collective, will be showing its latest project, The Imaginarium, a theater of the absurd centering around the meaninglessness of life.

The Sandbox Collective previously produced the acclaimed of off-Broadway musical, Dani Girl.

The Sandbox Collective’s theater director, managing artistic director and producer Toff de Venecia talked about what The Imaginarium is all about at its press launch last September 22 at the Philippine Educational Theater Association Theater Center in Quezon City.

THE MILLENIALS. The four-day festival, which will run beginning October 28, will highlight works in various forms—film, visual arts, dance, movement, music, fashion, photography, improvisation and theater.

Toff explained the existential concept of the unsual show, “Why build when in the end everything will be destroyed? Life is inherently without meaning and therefore absurd."

The artists, he said, question their existence and the overall meaning of life, citing the destruction brought by World War II.


"Para lang kayong bumalik sa Philo class,” Toff joked.

He also shared that their audience is mostly made up of young professionals and students a.k.a. the millenials.

“I come from a generation of millenials.

"We’re generation 'me, me, me,' it’s always about me… ourselves.”

On the other hand, it is also a "a generation who isn’t afraid of stepping outside of the box anymore and being unconventional or different," Toff imparted.

"They’re about celebrating and championing what’s new and creative.”

CULTURE MIX. In coming up with The Imaginarium the Sandbox Collective also aims for a merging of culture.

According to Toff, they are hoping to bring renewed vitality and authenticity to all our experiences of a particular genre by opening it up to other genres.

“We find spaces in which we can work together instead of separately or against each other.

"It is no longer about exclusivity but inclusivity, rather,” Toff elucidated.


He stressed further that the agenda of the Sandbox Collectives to merge high art and pop culture will be part of its yearly programming starting with The Imaginarium.


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