The boys of Pinoy Big Brother All In: Manolo Pedrosa, Fourth Pagotan, Axel Torres, and Joshua Garcia talk about girls and first dates!

IMAGE Nimfa Chua

(L-R) In the photo: Manolo Pedrosa, Joshua Garcia, Fourth Pagotan, Axel Torres

“Sobrang happy lang na I'm part of this event,” PBB All In's Manolo comments on what's it's like to be a part of Candy Fair 2014. Axel agrees by saying, “Masaya, sobra, masarap yung feeling.”

The cuties of Pinoy Big Brother All In performed at the Candy Fair 2014! Manolo Pedrosa, Fourth Pagotan, Axel Torres, and Joshua Garcia made the female audience giggle in “kilig” and even scream their hearts out when they started dancing to “Shake It Off!”

In an exclusive interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal,) we then asked the boys what type of girl would also make them feel “kilig” just by being with her.

“Yung playful, yung masaya kasama, and yung mabait syempre.

“And the way she brings herself, the way she dresses up, dapat her way of clothing should show how her upbringing is, how feminine she is, ganun,” Manolo Pedrosa says in detail.

Axel Torres then replies that rather than girly girls he prefers simple women.

“Gusto ko yung go with the flow lang siya, ayoko yung maarte, ganun.”

Physically, the LaSallian admits that “maputi and matangkad” ladies catch his attention, stating “attracted na ako sa mga ganun.”

As for Fourth Pagotan, he prefers girls that are “mukhang laging malinis,” she doesn’t have to be tall as long as she’s “cute, charming, and laging mabango.”

Girls would also want to pucker-up to catch his attention, as the first thing this 22-year-old notice when he first meets a girl is her lips.

If Fourth looks at a girl’s lips, 16-year-old Joshua Garcia says he likes the whole package [eyes, nose, lips,] but then reveals, “actually kahit anong itsura siguro, basta yung attitude maganda.”

When asked about what he thinks girls like about him, the youngster laughs while saying, “Di ko alam, siguro yung kuko ko.”

POGI POINTS. The guys also talk about how they “make lambing” to subtly show a girl how they truly feel.

“I would put in some flirty comments from now and then,” Manolo mischievously says.


And if this “chinito” wants to take the relationship to the next level, for their first date, he’d casually take her to a “restaurant, or anywhere that would be bagay to her,” carefully choosing “what she likes.”

Axel, on the other hand, says that he’ll just sincerely make time to go out with her, “Mag-e-effort ka, like yayayain ko siya lumabas, mag-movie, ganun. Part yun ng getting to know each other.”

Both Axel and Fourth would want their first date with their “dream girl” to be “by the beach.” Fourth would bring out the chef in him by cooking for her, stating that cooking Western cuisine is one of his charms.

Joshua then admits being a hopeless romantic. A date should be something grand for this Batangenyo! His dream destination? “Paris!”

He also confesses that once he falls in love, “magiging sobrang clingy ko sa kanya.”

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