Tintin Babao's sixth children's book inspired by son Nio

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Tintin Bersola-Babao’s 6th book, SuperHero Nio, is dedicated to her son Nio. She also hopes that through this book, kids will learn and imbibe the good characteristics of superheroes. (In the photo) Tintin with husband Julius Babao, daughter Anya and son Nio.

TV host and Mompreneur Christine Babao, who is fondly called Mammu Tintin, recently launched her 6th children’s book, SuperHero Nio at the Manila International Book Fair at SMX.

Tinin’s books have won awards from the Catholic Mass Media Awards namely: Bakit Siya Meron, Bakit Ako, Wala? (2009 Best Children’s Short Story) and Kontra, Bida, Big Boy Buwaya (2010 Best Children’s Short Story), The Story of Christine (garnered a citation from the CMMA in 2008)

Basura Monster is the best-seller to date, selling more than 120 thousand copies and counting.

Her latest book, Super Hero Nio, is dedicated to her son, four-year-old Nio, and to all the children, who are superheroes in their own ways.

In the dedication page of her book, Tintin wrote the following:

I dedicate this book to my only son, my Little SuperHero Nio.

Nio, like many kids his age, loves superheroes.

Almost every day, Nio (who is four years old as of this year when the book is published ) would wear costumes – at kiddie parties, when out malling or going to Church, or every chance he gets – even when we are just at home.

There are times that when he wakes up, he’d already want to wear his Batman costume.

This love for Superheroes started when he was three years old.

Nio’s all-time favorite superhero is Batman.

Why? Nio says, “Because he is awesome! “

And “because he saves people!”

As a parent, I thought, “Why not write a story about a superhero Boy who I shall name, SuperHero Nio?” And at the same time, use the story as a vehicle to teach children about the good traits of superheroes, about the concept of weapons, and the right use for them.

The story is simple and I can’t wait to do storytelling to my own SuperHero Nio, and to the other kids when I tour this book.


My Dearest Nio, as you grow older, may you carry with you, and practice daily, the values and exemplary traits of a real superhero. May you be a good citizen of this country, and of this world. May you be a Hero in your own little ways.

Remember what Daddy Julius and I taught you: Be Respectful. Be obedient. Be Honest. Above all, be prayerful .

Love your parents, love your only sister Anya, and love God.

I love you,

Mommy Tintin

Meanwhile, SuperHero Nio also has an endorsement from the Department of Education, with a dedication from Brother Armin Luistro.

Book orders may be coursed through CBabaobooks@yahoo.com





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