Rafael Rosell on relationship with Olivia Medina: "Learn how to be away from each other as much as you are together."

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Rafael Rosell expounds on the value of otherness in a relationship: “I’m slowly learning that taking care of yourself is easy but the next stage is to take care of someone else also together with you, to be able to co-exist with another being, very intimately."

After starring in the horror flick, Dilim, Rafael Rosell plans to reward himself with some "me-time" in a beach “somewhere out north.”

His girlfriend Olivia Newton is currently in Canada to be with her family, so Rafael gets to have some time for himself.

“I think my advice to every couple siguro, you should learn how to be away from each other as much as you are together.

“I think it’s just as important, e. Dahil some couples can’t stay away from each other, di ba?”

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Rafael at the premiere night of the horror flick, Dilim, held at Trinoma Cinema 7 last Tuesday, October 20.

It will be recalled that Rafael first opened up to PEP about his relationship with Olivia.

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When asked what has changed since they became a couple, the 31-year-old Kapuso actor says that he’s become better at taking care of his partner this time around.

“I’ve realized that I was single for like four, almost five year and during that process, I found myself.

"I’ve realized what I wanted in life.

“And now, when we started dating, I’m slowly learning that taking care of yourself is easy.

"But the next stage is to take care of someone else also together with you, to be able to co-exist with another being, very intimately.

“A lot of people go into relationships without even having fixed themselves.

"So mas mahirap ‘pag pumasok ka sa isang relationship, where you have to take care of another person, when you can’t even take care of yourself.

“That’s what I’m slowly realizing, that this is like a second stage in my journey, or my path, or my evolution,” he profoundly explained.


INTROSPECTION. In the process, he says he learned how to give and take in a relationship.

“Yeah, there are some adjustment when it comes to certain traits, I guess.

“I mean, I can’t just take off surfing now.

"'Tapos kailangang sabihin na, ‘Magse-surfing muna ako, I’ll see you in a bit.’

“I can’t just disappear like I used to do. Before I’d go surfing, nobody would know where I was.”

Rafael relates he has sown his wild oats and has been tamed through the years.

He has learned to value what matters most like being happy with himself, pursuing his passion for acting, and finding love again.

But since it’s so easy to lose sight of the real stuff, Rafael shares that it’s really important to make time for meditation.

SOUL SURFING. Surfing, for his part, is the key to achieve his inner peace.

“Pero we can all find our inner peace. We just have to do what you want to do.

“Actually, if you go into a quiet room while here in the city, you’ll hear a ringing sound, e.

“And that ringing sound takes two or three days to disappear in a very quiet environment.

“So, if you go to an environment that’s very quiet, like in the province, sa gabi, you can just hear the frogs, mga insekto.

“You can actually hear a ringing sound and you have to get used to the silence before it becomes comfortable.”

When he goes soul-surfing, Rafael claims he’s not actually fussy when it comes to his lodgings.

“Simple lang. I like to keep it simple, lalo na ‘pag walang ulan, duyan na lang. Duyan na may zipper. I’ve just seen one of those, with a pillow.

“'Tapos ‘pag sobrang tahimik, ganun lang yung posisyon mo, the whole night, tapos sobrang dilim. When you wake up, it’s like you’re being given another birth.”


Some of the popular surfing spots can be found in La Union or Zambales, which are just a few hours away from Manila by land.

At the end of the interview, Rafael tells PEP why he refuses to divulge his “secret spot” for surfing: “Sobrang dami na [ang nagse-surf].

“Actually, naging sobrang crowded na yung mga line-up ngayon, e so kapag nakahanap yung surfers ng secret spot, parang ginto na yun, e. So, secret-secret na talaga ‘yan.”

To date, Rafael Rosell is busy taping for Kapuso network’s upcoming primetime series, Second Chances, which also topbills Jennylyn Mercado, Raymart Santiago, and Camille Prats.





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