Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach takes unofficial break from showbiz to spend more time with family

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Charlene Gonzalez on her family: "Great, everything is wonderful."

After her hosting stint in the afternoon talk show The Buzz, Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach has not been active in showbiz. What is she up to these days?

The former beauty queen reveals she’s enjoying the break and traveling with her husband Aga Muhlach and their kids.

Charlene spoke with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press at a Pond’s event held at the Chef Jessie Rockwell Club in Makati City last October 29.

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She clarified she is not leaving showbiz but is on a vacation right now.

“Actually we’re on vacation. We went to Bali. We spent time with the kids, we’re fixing our place in Batangas.

"We go on breaks every year ever since we got married and we have a long Christmas break every December.

“It was something that just happened, unplanned, it was nice and we did not accept anything talaga until next year.

She also affirmed that everything is going great guns with her family, “Great, everything is wonderful."

Her twins Atasha and Andres will be turning thirteen soon, "Magiging teenagers na sila sa November 5, so mabilis talaga ang panahon.

"We’re excited. But at the same time we’re open to them being teenagers.

"It’s nice kasi talagang mas nagiging barkada pa namin now that they’re turning 13."

Charlene also maintained that she and Aga will support whatever their children are inclined to do, but they prefer the twins to focus on their studies first.


“Well ang palagi naming sinasabi ni Aga, is that let them finish their studies. If you were to ask Aga and I, right now sasabihin naming huwag.

"We want them to prioritize their studies unless talagang yan ang nasa puso nila.

“I think my children have an artistic streak, they’re still experimenting on what they like.

"Atasha paints, Andres is also an artist. They’re still experimenting kung ano yung niche na talagang gusto nila.

"But definitely meron talagang artistic streak.

As for being active again in showbiz, Charlene prefers to spend the rest of the year in vacation with her family for now. However, she is not telling anything yet about her upcoming showbiz projects.

“Let’s cross the bridge when we get there." She said with a laugh.

"As of now, we haven’t planned anything and it’s nice because there was actually a collective effort na sinabi namin na enjoy na natin ito.

"It’s really kind of too late to start anything now since we’re ending the year and we look forward to next year."





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