WINE101: PEP's Beginners Guide to Wine Appreciation

More than 500 wines, beers and spirits from over 23 different countries will be featured at the 14th Grand Wine Experience at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila on Saturday, November 14.

Admit it or not, sosyal is the first word that comes to mind when you see someone drinking wine. Little did we know that drinking wine is not just for the sosyal and every one can actually enjoy it.

We learned about the pleasure and the art of drinking wine from our interview with Melissa de Leon Joseph and Dawn Ignacio at the press conference of The 14th Grand Wine Experience held at One Way restaurant in Makati City. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press were treated to a sumptuous dinner paired with four of their featured wines at the event.

As Melissa tells it, “It’s not about being so… Yung kasi pag sinasabi nila, ‘A wine, ay naku, sosyal!.’

“Art is for everyone, right?

"The art of drinking it, the art of using your tastebuds, the art of pairing it with your food.”

Here's what she means, a few things you need to know about drinking wine:

1. Wine is best enjoyed with food. Probably the main purpose of drinking wine is to enjoy it while eating your favorite food. Wines usually have an alcohol content that ranges from 11 to 12 percent.

Melissa explains, “I don’t think getting drunk is an art that’s why we don’t encourage that.

“It’s really appreciating it, it’s an experience. Every time you drink it, it’s a different experience according to the food that you have.”


2. You can experiment on pairing your wine with food. White wines are best paired with seafood and white meat while red wine is best with red meat.


Melissa recommends, “We like, actually, we suggest different kinds of wine so that you can taste different kinds of wine and pair it with your favorite food.

“And sometimes you start off with a certain kind of grape and then get into the heavier one in the latter part of the dinner.”


3. Wine should be consumed within four days when opened. You can store your opened bottle of wine in the refrigerator but you have to consume it within four days; otherwise, it will taste sour. (You can use soured wine for recipes that call for wine, though)

4. Wines vary in tastes depending on their producer. Factors that affect the taste of the wine include the size of the grapes and their skin structure. Even the location where the grapes are produced and the kind of soil they grow in are factors that affect the quality of the wine.


5. White wine are best served chilled while red wine are best consumed at room temperature. Temperature also has an effect on the taste of your wine. White wine and sparkling wine should be served between 10 to 20 °C while red wine are recommended to be served at 21.1 °C to 23 °C room temperature.


6. Use the right wine glass. “There’s a certain kind of taste when you use the right kind of glass and the wrong glass,” explains Melissa.

“That’s why when you drink your wine, it would be better that it’s always clear, thinly made.


“Because when we drink our wine we want to see the color of our wine, the clarity.

“And when you swirl it, you see the drippings, they call it ‘legs.’

"Those are the ‘legs’ that go down from when you swirl it

“You’ll find out the alcohol content [from] how the wine goes down.”

“If it’s fast, it has less alcohol."

7. Hold wine glass at the stem. It's because the temperature of your hand may warm the wine you’re drinking, and this will affect on the taste of your wine.

THE 14th GRAND WINE EXPERIENCE. Enjoy a wide variety of wine brands at the 14th edition of The Grand Wine Experience happening on November 14 at The Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila in Pasay City presented by Philippine Wine Merchants and Ralph Wines and Spirits.

Drink-all-you-can from their featured selection of more than 500 wines, beers and spirits from over 23 different countries while enjoying a sumptuous eat-all-you-can buffet.

(Tickets are priced at P5000 available at the venue. Contact Dawn Rosary at 851-0172, 853-9894 or 0917-3338621 or at email address for more information.)





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