It's a "Marry" Christmas in showbiz!

December is the new June for celebrity couples Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera (left) and JC Intal-Bianca Gonzalez.

Stars are catching us by surprise lately, marrying in private and avoiding media brouhaha.

What’s also interesting is that December seems to be the new June as far as wedding schedules are concerned.

Is it the whiff of December breeze that these couples prefer? The festive and happy mood in the air?

Truly, these couples are changing the dynamics of the wedding calendar, making the Christmas season merrier as they marry in December!

JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez

We all knew JC and Bianca were planning for a December wedding, but we didn’t know that the date and place would be kept secret.

They surprised the public with their announcement that they had tied the knot last December 4, at Lagen Island Resort in El Nido, Palawan, in a ceremony that we truly love.

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It was followed by a grand wedding reception at the Araneta Coliseum on December 10.

The couple, as far as we know, was the first ever in showbiz to have a wedding reception at the Big Dome, a symbolic one being the venue for sports, JC's profession, and entertainment, Bianca's vocation.

Bianca wore an off-the-rack Rosa Clara wedding gown at the private wedding ceremony.

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Have a hankie handy when you watch their wedding video.

VIEW Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal's wedding video

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño

If JC and Bianca’s island wedding was kept under wrap, Aiza and Liza’s was even more private.

Held at a forest park in San Francisco, California, on December 8 (PST), it was attended only by a few friends and relatives, who shared the wedding photos on Instagram.

The wedding was also controversial as same-sex marriage is not legal and frowned upon by most people in the Philippines.


California is one of the few states that recognizes same-sex wedding in the United States.

Along with congratulatory messages from family, friends and fans, brickbats from netizens rained on the newlyweds.

Liza's response to bashers on Instagram, “If you're not used to it, then DEAL with it. If you can't stand it, then by all means, PLEASE leave us alone.”

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig

They first tied the knot in a civil ceremony at Vask, an upscale Spanish restaurant at the Bonifacio Global City.

The following day, their garden wedding was held in Tagaytay. Neri wore a creation by VeejayFloresca in the second wedding ceremony.

According to Angel Locsin's Instagram post, it was Ramon Bautista who “officiated” at the wedding.

VIEW Chito Miranda-Neri Naig on-site wedding video

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera

Set to happen on December 30, the union of Dingdong and Marian is dubbed by GMA Network as the “royal wedding.”

This is no doubt going to be the grandest showbiz wedding of the year, if the multiple bridal showers for Marian were any gauge.

This is to say nothing yet of the high profile sponsors, a Michael Cinco wedding gown, and the presence of President Noynoy Aquino as a guest.

Of all the Pinoy celebrity weddings this year, this is the only one that will be held in a traditional church. Fans can’t wait for that date.

For now, we're happy with this: an invitation to the wedding!





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