Martin Nievera to spend Christmas with Santino in Vegas and New Year with Robin and Ram

IMAGE Rachelle Siazon

“The consequences of the mistakes and decisions that we make in life is what we live forever. I’ve been living with the decisions I made in life. And because of that, I am Santa Claus," says Martin Nievera when asked if he's used to the kind of family set-up he has with his sons every Christmas.

Concert King Martin Nievera recently flew to Las Vegas not only to hold Christmas shows but also to spend quality time with Santino, his son with ex-partner Katrina Ojeda.

“Every Christmas, I am Santa Claus.

“I jump in a sleigh in the form of an airplane and I fly around the world to spread gifts and Christmas cheer to different family members around the world,” he began.

He told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that he’s also planning to bond with his elder sons with ex-wife Pops Fernandez when he returns to Manila on the 27th of December.

“I have an eight-year-old son in Las Vegas. I have a 28-year-old and a 24-year-old sons in the Philippines.

"So Christmas eve with the eight-year-old; New Year’s Eve with my other two sons if they’re available.

"Because usually, Robin and Ram, may ibang lakad na dahil malalaki na sila.”

When asked if he’s used to that kind of set-up, Martin maintained that he has long since accepted the fact that life isn’t perfect.

“The consequences of the mistakes and decisions that we make in life is what we live forever.

“I’ve been living with the decisions I made in life.

"And because of that, I am Santa Claus, I am Ironman,” he simply stated.

Ideally, he would love to spend the holidays with all of his children.

“I actually had all three sons in one house for Christmas.

“That’s near impossible to happen. It happened in 2004, in Las Vegas.

“So that has to be the most magical Christmas I had because we did the whole Disyneyland thing.

“It snowed for the first time ever in Las Vegas.

“So it was a white Christmas, and I had all my three sons. That for me is unbeatable,” he fondly recalled.


At the end of the interview, Martin also revealed the best Christmas gift he got this year.

It’s a personalized set of hangers with his name on it.

“Bigay ng Polyeast Records. I like it so much I took a picture of it.

“It’s hard because if we really think about people we love and people we just know, gift-giving could be pretty expensive.

“So I think, sensible, meaningful, and thoughtful gifts are the norm now,” he remarked.





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