Heart Evangelista: “I'm in such a good place, I'm super-duper happy getting married.”

IMAGE Screen grab from Closeup video on YouTube

Heart Evangelista: "...if you have a great smile, you're more confident you can face the world, and that is so important."

One good thing about Heart Evangelista is that she usually finds a reason to smile and look at the brighter side of things.

With all the preparations—not to mention, the still-unresolved issues with her parents Reynaldo and Cecile Ongpauco—the bride-to-be of Senator Chiz Escudero doesn’t look frazzled at all.

She told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the launch of her toothpaste endorsement last January 27, some of her secrets.

First, "There is something revealing about a smile, yes, but I think also it has a lot to do with your inner peace and your happiness from within.

“You can really see that [through] your aura or the way you carry yourself…”

Next, she’s glad that Closeup got her as its endorser for the second time.

"[It] was one of the big products who helped me when I was starting out. I was with John Prats, and it was Closeup Peppermint...


“I remember jumping up and down the trampoline, that was the commercial.

“But yeah, it was nice and it's very timely…”

The first to have Blue Light Technology in oral beauty care, Closeup Diamond Attraction claims to lessen yellow tones on teeth, making it look whiter and brighter in an instant.

Now this is important to Heart, “I have been an artista for 16 years now and as an actress, well, you're always in front of the cameras, you're crying but you're smiling most of the time, and there's no really make-up where you can properly or maybe use a concealer on the shade of your teeth if it's yellowish."

Third, she thinks the brand’s loyalty is a sign “that people appreciate you for the person you've become and everything you've been through…

“I mean, it inspires me to continue what I've been doing and at tough times when you question yourself that, 'Did I do right?' or 'Is there anything that I could have done better?' and then these blessings come in.


“It's like God giving you a tap on the shoulder, 'My dear princess, you didn't do anything wrong, here's a gift for you.'”

Fourth, she’s no longer just the kikay and maarte Heart.

“They didn't just get me for my smile. They got me because [of] the reason behind my smile—I've learned a lot, I'm full of wisdom, I've matured and, yeah, so it's my disposition."

Lastly, she’s looking forward to marrying the love of her life.

“Oh Chiz… He has such a nice smile."

And come hell or high water, her heart will be happy.

“I'm in such a good place, I'm super-duper happy getting married.

“Nervous, excitement, with everything that is happening...

"I'm super happy, I'm excited!"


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