Rovilson Fernandez thinks Valentine's Day is "the worst time to go out"

IMAGE Karen A. Pagsolingan

Rovilson Fernandez, who's currently co-hosting Asia's Got Talent alongside good friend Marc Nelson, reveals the identity of his latest "girlfriend": “I just got out of a relationship. My girlfriend right now is Asia's Got Talent, so I'm putting all my concentration on her.”

Rovilson Fernandez can be spotted a mile away, especially with his height and clean-shaven pate.

The newly-minted Asia's Got Talent host was seen arriving at Levi's 501 CT fashion show, and (Philippine Entertainment Portal) quickly asked him how he's doing.

He's been all over Asia taping for the show,which he co-hosts with best friend Marc Nelson.

“It's been a dream! It's still a dream, I mean I feel like I can't believe this is all happening. Yeah, it's just a big, big dream and this is just as a host,” Rovilson exclaims, suddenly running out of words, when people greet him at the entrance to Levi's 501 CT.

We forgive the guy. After all, Asia's Got Talent is touted as one of the biggest talent shows in the world, so it is a big deal, enough to be speechless at some point.

V-DAY DATE WITH PARENTS. Now that he's back, what are his plans for the big V-day weekend?

Rovilson happily shares, “My parents are in town, they're in the country so I'm gonna hang out with the two people that taught me all about love.”

Is he taking them any place special?

He says, “Ah, you know what, I'm still deciding...undecided on making them dinner at home because you know they're a little old so they don't wanna...

“And honestly, I hate to say this, but the worst time to go out is Valentine's.

"It's better to stay at home.

“You get the worst service, things are overpriced.


"But I'll stay at home, maybe make them dinner na lang.”

HAPPILY SINGLE. How is the former Amazing Race contestant in the relationship department? Attached or happily single?

Saying yes to the latter, he sheepishly admits, “Yes I am, yes I am.”

He admits to just getting out of a relationship, “I just ended a relationship with a long-time, uhm, very good friend and it's unfortunate. It's still fresh.”

We tease him that he managed to keep that relationship very low-profile and out of the public eye.

He clarifies that it wasn't a messy breakup.

He elaborates, “We were just going in different directions and then this new show is just... I'm never here in the country so it's kinda... and I don't wanna do long-distance [relationships], you know.”

So right now, Rovilson is clearly not yet looking for any relationship.

As he explains, “I just got out of a relationship. My girlfriend right now is Asia's Got Talent, so I'm putting all my concentration on her.”

LOVE ADVICE. What advice can he offer others like him who have just gotten out of a relationship?

Rovilson shares, “Believe in yourself. Believe in your talents. You have something out there.

“Everybody should have something out there that they give to the world.”

ESSENTIAL TRAITS. What does a guy like him look for in a girl, aside from the usual considerations?

He gamely answers, “Number one is family-oriented and when I say family-oriented, in addition to her being into her family, she has to also be into my family.


“That and sense of humor, they're both kinda even 'coz you have to have a sense of humor to hang out with my dysfunctional family!”





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