How Heart Evangelista will achieve that bridal glow

Heart Evangelista on wedding preparations: “You enjoy each moment. You don't skip a second of your happy day.”

As Heart Evangelista enters the homestretch of her wedding day, she tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) a few things about her bridal look.

“For my makeup look, I've been working with my makeup artist for a long time now so he already knows, and I trust him.

“Being simple, accentuating what you already have, your natural assets... I'm a fan of the classic brows, a nice shade of lipstick.”

“With the hair, I just want it simple, I want it up. Kahit bun.

“With the other things, I am just, uhm, focusing on my gown, the wedding gown. And that's it.

“I didn't really think much about everything else,” Heart says in an exclusive interview held at the launch of her Closeup Diamond Attraction endorsement.

Other than her locket which has her parents' miniature photo, Heart’s other accessory tomorrow, February 15, will be her big, beautiful smile—even if her dad Reynaldo and mom Cecile will not be able to walk with her to the altar.


“Of course it's what you feel in that moment... you know, in life, we all face our battles.

“It's never perfect, sometimes the more blessed you are, the more problems you have.

“But, uhm, it's really just, you know, going on with life, understanding why it's there.

“If you don't understand it, there's gonna be a reason for it and, you know, just be grateful for what you have, be content, and then you'll be happy,” she adds.

BEAUTY REGIMEN. That bridal glow, she says, will not be achieved overnight.

No matter how busy she is, she has to drink a lot of water and make sure she gets a lot of sleep.

No matter how stressful her day is, she advises, “Just take it easy, everything else follows.”

For her skin, Heart recommends, “Moisturizer, of course.”

She also goes to her dermatologist, who is also her ninang, Aivee Aguilar.


She says, “Every other day, I’m in the derma, massage, facial, everything. Nail polish, Extraordinail!”

But the most effective way to avoid wrinkles or breakouts or other skin problems on her big day is to “relax.”

Smiling, she adds, “You enjoy each moment. You don't skip a second of your happy day.”


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