Agoo Bengzon explains why less is more in beauty

IMAGE Patricia Prieto's; Kaye Koo

(Top) Pond's Beauty Style council members (L-R) Tricia Gosingtian, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, and Kryz Uy.

Unilever's beauty expert and Preview magazine beauty editor Agoo Bengzon

Always in a hurry, and want to spend less time getting yourself made up?

Check out Preview beauty editor Agoo Bengzon's beauty trend hacks for 2015.

1. Invest in the skin under all the make-up.

She recalls a story of how the trend of the no-make-up look started during the 2014 Spring Summer season.

“One fashion house sent down their models with just concealer and glowing skin, groomed eyebrows.

"The story behind that is that they gave the models facials backstage, and then sent them out wearing nothing but concealer.

"They didn't have any make-up, just concealer.”

During the same fashion week, another fashion house decided to send their models down the runway wearing tons of make-up to achieve the no-make-up look.

For Agoo, she says she has learned to invest in the base, the skin. Here, the Pond's Pearl Cleasing Gel has been a big help.

At the launch of Pond's latest product on February 17, Agoo explains, "I really like this because it's fresh, and breathable.


Honestly, me, in the past years I've invested in skin care, noticed that when I care for my skin, I don't need to put as much make-up on."

With her new discovery, she can adopt a more minimalist approach, using just a dab of BB cream.

She adds, "Just a little bit, to hide the flaws. But when your skin is really good, there's no need to cover anymore."

Once you invest in good skin care, Agoo remarks, "It cuts down your prep time.

“If you're a career woman, it's hard to set aside 30 minutes just to put on make-up. But if your skin is good already you only need a little to look good."

She reminds women that you look more beautiful when you don't put so much make-up on.

2. Use multi-taskers or products that work double duty.

Agoo elaborates, ''There's a mascara that comes with a vibrating wand, you don't need an eye lash curler. Or eye serums that come with a roller ball applicator, it actually disperses the product evenly, and it cools the area and depuffs the area, it's built in!"


She adds, "There are also hair products that condition with leave-on to nourish your hair and make your hair look shiny."

3. Most products made of gel is all the rage. .

She says, "There's a brow gel that tames stray hairs and makes it look well-groomed without looking like you have so much make-up on, and gel polish, perfect for traveling when you don't want to touch up your nails anymore."

The Pearl Cleansing Gel is one such beauty trend.

She says, "It doesn't strip your skin of essentials lipids unlike a regular cleansing soap.

"It's an intelligent product because it knows where to bring moisture in and remove the oil and dirt.

"The formula knows it has to keep some of the moisture in, the essential hydration but, at the same time, it knows how to clean your skin."

RAVES. Now let's see how some members of the Pond's Beauty Council use and like the product.


Tricia Gosingtian says, "I use it first thing in the morning before I put my make-up on. When I use it, I don't have to pile all this make-up on anymore, you really see the difference, your skin is smoother, you feel like it's brighter, not necessarily whiter, just fresh.

“It's just perfect for all the girls out there who like taking pictures, like me!"

Fellow fashionista Patricia Prieto confesses, "For me, when I tried it, my skin felt fresh, and I think it's because of the oxygenated formula. So the moment I put it on my skin, I just felt that it was so smooth right after.

“And not to brag, I really felt like my skin was so flawless after..."

Style blogger Kryz Uy candidly admits how she liked the smell of the product.

She exclaims, "It's not so strong, it's just right. It makes me feel really fresh when you walk out of the banyo, and you can smell your face it's so rosy!"


For her part, designer/retailer, fashion blogger and designer/retailer Laureen Uy chimes in, "A lot of guys, they really like girls kapag mabango yung face nila!"


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