Laureen Uy shares her quick fix-it for dry skin

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Fashion blogger Laureen Uy shares how she keeps her skin hydrated: "For me facial wash, moisturizer and water. Drinking lots and lots of water keeps your skin hydrated talaga."

Just like ordinary girls, Laureen Uy has a beauty pet peeve.

"Normally, I don't share this, but I have really, really dry skin. Yung nagka-crack if you don't put moisturizer when you wake up or when you sleep at night."

And how does she deal with her skin problem?

At the launch of Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel, Laureen shares her top beauty hacks.

"For me facial wash, moisturizer and water. Drinking lots and lots and lots of water keeps your skin hydrated talaga."

She adds, "After a long day at work, whether it be shoots or events or nag-make-up lang kami for our #OOTDs [Outfit of the Day], it's nice to strip off that make-up."

Of course, she finds an ally in the gel cleanser of the brand she's endorsing.

“I use it every day for my nightly routine. and I really love how fresh my skin feels after.

"When I tried this, I loved na walang rough texture na naiwan sa face ko, instead it was really smooth and clean."

This Filipino-Chinese model/blogger doesn't take beautiful skin for granted.

She emphasizes, “A lot of Filipinas, they don't really know the importance of having soft skin.

"And I think this product will help Filipino women have soft skin."

PICTURE PERFECT. Before the launch, Laureen was seen taking indoor #OOTDs with her friend and fellow Pond's Beauty Council member Kryz Uy, who is also a fashion blogger.

We asked Laureen what she does to come up with those beautiful photos on her blog,

She exclaims, "Like how to take an #OOTD? Super dami!

"For us, I think you have to… the photographer really has to sit down, so the model will look taller, that's our secret!

"A lot of people actually ask me what's my height kasi I look tall daw in photos, but I'm petite!"


Laureen adds that this next one is a must.

"Good lighting. I always take my outfit shots during the day, preferably between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., that's the perfect lighting!"

Does she subscribe to the hipster way of taking photos?

Laureen muses, "I try to experiment once in a while with my outfit shots. Ayaw ko ng same poses pero for some reason, people still think I have a signature pose. I have yet to ask them what it is."

CARVING HER OWN NICHE. Laureen is the younger sister of celebrity stylist and author, Liz Uy, and Preview's creative director, Vince Uy.

How have her older siblings inflenced her work?

Laureen admits, "You know, for me kasi, it really helps that they're both well-known. But for me and my sister... before, everyone knew me as Liz's little sister."

She says that unlike Kendall Jenner who has been trying to veer away from the fact that she is Kim Kardashian's half-sister, Laureen simply embraced her sibling connection.

She says, "I have the feeling kasi na Kendall is really trying to find herself pa, and she's maturing on her own.

“It's hard because she's known as Kim's sister. Feeling ko it's a big step for her kasi siyempre, she's stepping out of her comfort zone... She wants to create a name for herself."

For Laureen, it's a good thing her siblings gave her a good headstart in the industry.

"Parang I didn't mind na people call me Liz's little sister because I'm proud to be her sister.

"She [Liz] kept saying, ‘Growing up, you will truly find yourself, your passion.’

"Before, I tried styling. Grabe! I give it to my sister —sobrang hirap na trabaho yan!

“I tried playing with a lot of things, I had an online shop before, I went into blogging... You just really have to find your passion, and once you find it, stick to it, and you'll grow."


TRAVEL. What does 2015 hold for Laureen?

“It’s going to be full of adventure!" she says.

“I’m looking forward to a lot of traveling abroad, kasi I want to share kung gaano kaganda yung ng Pilipinas.

“When you travel, you always think na, ‘I have to be proud of my country, ipagmamalaki ko yun,’ spreading the word internationally."





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