Divine Lee bent on finishing MBA program before thinking of marriage

IMAGE Kaye Estoista-Koo

TV host Divine Lee on why she and long-time beau Victor Basa are postponing wedding plans: "We get to talk about it but it's nothing like the near future. I think we're focused sa career ‘tapos I'm in school pa."

Divine Lee somehow manages to look lovely despite the long hours she keeps at work.

At the recent Debenhams Estancia opening, she arrived later than her long-time beau Victor Basa because she came from a shoot with her bestie, chef/TV host Jeremy Favia.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) snagged her for a brief chat before she joined Victor across the room.

CAREER FOCUSED. Divine started off by giving a quick rundown on what’s keeping Victor busy these days.

She said, “Nagte-training siya and I'm always looking for him... iba na yung time schedule namin because he's doing the Iron Man [triathlon race in Subic]."

We asked what has been in the minds of quite a few people who care about them, when’s the big day?

Divine replied, "Hindi ko alam. Wala pa, wala pa.

"We get to talk about it but it's nothing like the near future. I think we're all focused sa career, ‘tapos I'm in school pa."

At this point, Victor snuggled in beside his lady love and joined the pleasantries just as Divine was saying she would consider the idea of settling down when she's finished with her online MBA program.

"One more year, so baka after that I'll start thinking about it," she reckoned.

NO PRESSURE. Divine also put in that they are not pressured to rush their altar date by the engagement and wedding goings-on among the celebrity couples.

“Bakit ako maiinggit?" she nonchalantly said while grabbing Victor's abs for emphasis.

At the same time, she reassured, “Oo, happy naman. Okay lang. I mean we're very comfortable naman with the relationship.”





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