Sharon Cuneta will no longer resort to surgery to lose weight

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“I think I have, excuse the word, screwed up my metabolism because of all the crash dieting after having babies,” Sharon Cuneta says about losing more weight.

“Been there, done that.”

Sharon Cuneta says about going under the knife to reach her ideal weight.

In a recent interview with the Megastar, she related her past experience about liposuction.

She recalled, “Nakapagpa-lipo na ako years ago and hindi ka naman maglo-lose ng weight sa lipo lang.

“The amount of weight that I have to lose, which the majority I already lost, hindi makukuha sa surgery.

“Ask anybody who has had lipo, 'di ba, it doesn't work that way.

“[The lost weight] doesn't only come back, pero hindi mo malo-lose 'yong ganito kalaking weight sa lipo lang or any other form of surgery.”

Apart from the short-term benefit, Sharon is also conscious about invasive surgical operations.

The actress-singer said, “Not for anything, I'm not as pretty as my mom, but I'm thankful for both my mom and my dad.

“The Gamboas really grow old with youthful... that vibrancy, the skin does not really... My dad also had fabulous [skin].

“Honestly, you have to keep yourself looking fresh and young. But sana ibagay mo sa age mo rin.

“Sabi nga ni Susan Serandon, ang hirap kapag sa cast ng 70-year-old, lahat mukhang 30 na.

"Gusto kong tumanda like Meryll Streep, Helen Mirren."

HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE. So far, Sharon has lost more than 40 pounds and, “I'm still trying to lose at least 15 more pounds and then get to exercising.”

The Your Face Sounds Familiar judge admitted to going through emotional eating before.

She also confessed, “I think I have, excuse the word, screwed up my metabolism because of all the crash dieting after having babies.

“So parang now, konting kain lang a few days and 'yong rebound is grabe.

“I also have to be more careful now because I have a problem with high blood pressure.”

What caused the emotional eating?


“I had no work. 'Yong kulang na lang hanapin ko si Kiko sa umaga kasi baka nalunok ko na."

Good thing now, “Siguro I would say [I have lost] a little over 40 pounds.

“I have several more to go bago ko ma-fulfill 'yong pagiging bold star ko!”

For Sharon, the traditional and natural way of shedding off the extra pounds is still the best.

“Truthfully, I am not fond of exercising,” she smiled.

Then, she laughed while relating how health-buff couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have been encouraging her to be active in sports and fitness activities.

“Si Juday nga at si Ryan, minsan pupunta sa bahay, 'Ate, magsu-swimming tayo 'tapos magwa-walking tayo.' 'O sige next time para ready.'

“'Tapos sasabihin nila, 'Actually, dala na namin lahat ng gamit.' Sabi ko, 'Sige, mauna na kayo.'”

Then, she seriously added, “Truthfully, I am not fond of exercising.”

But, “My favorite lang si the treadmill."


“First, you need to know that I am a multi-tasker.

“Kahit na I'm watching something on my laptop, parang di ako matahimik kung walang ginagawa ang kamay ko.

“By doing the threadmill, I can watch my favorite show or I could be reading something, 'yong di ako nagwe-waste ng time.

“Not that exercising is a waste of time, but if you can hit two birds in one stone, why not?”

In conclusion, Sharon said with conviction, “So, just a little bit more. I'm just gathering enough strength.”





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