Gardo Versoza, Kim Chiu, Nora Aunor and other celebrities immortalized in Pinoy Gayspeak

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Kim Chiu, Gardo Versoza, and Nora Aunor are just some of the stars who figure in the daily lingo of the gays.

Example: Bago ka mahaggardo Versoza at mag-snora Aunor mamaya pagtulog mo, sagutin mo muna si suitor. Huwag magpa-kim Chiu.

Languages evolve.

More so in the Philippines.

We have different types of slang for different sectors. We have street slang, the jeje slang, the showbiz slang, and, of course, the very colorful and funny, gay slang or gay lingo.

Our brothers and sisters in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community are smart and creative, sometimes cryptic, in coming up with phrases or terms, some derived from the names of celebrities and iconic figures.

Here are some of the more popular expressions you may have heard from your make-up artist or your gay bff:

Nora Aunor or Ate Guy, the superstar becomes Snora Aunor.

Meaning: snore, snoring, or someone who snores while sleeping.

I wasn’t able to sleep last night. Snora Aunor ka!

Jobo Fernandez, the late Central Bank governor from 1984 – 1990, becomes Jobos Fernandez.

Meaning: gone, no leftovers, ubos

What will I eat? Na-jobos Fernandez na ang ulam.

Mao Zedong or Mao Tse Tung, Chinese communist leader and the founding father of the People’s Republic of China

Meaning: shut your mouth.

Be silent people. Mao tse tung!

Rita Avila becomes Kairita Avila.

Meaning: irritated

I’m so pissed with this network. Laging walang signal. Kairita Avila!

Pinoy folk singer Freddie Aguilar becomes Afraidy Aguilar.

Meaning: afraid, scary

That short earthquake scared me. Ka-afraidy Aguilar!

TV news anchor Ces Drilon becomes Stress Drilon.

Meaning: stress, stressed

The EDSA traffic is hopeless. Ang lakas maka-stress Drilon!

Pinoy actor Gardo Versoza (popular between 1997-2010) becomes Haggardo Versoza.

Meaning: haggard, tired


This weather is killing me. So hot and humid. Buti pa yung mga artista, laging naka-aircon. Hindi naha-haggardo Versoza.

Gardo Versoza has another usage

Meaning: Good-looking guard

Mahilig siya sa Gardo Versoza.

U.S. singer/songwriter Janet Jackson becomes Majinet Jackson.

Meaning: hot

Whew! I’m sweating a lot. Majinet Jackson!

English film and stage actress Julie Andrews, who won an Oscar for Mary Poppins, becomes na-Julie Andrews.

Meaning: caught, caught in the act

She broke up with her boyfriend. Na-julie Andrews kasi niyang may ka-date na iba.

Jed Madela becomes Dedmadela.

Meaning: deadma, pretending not to notice

I was speaking loudly but he pretended not to hear. Dedmadela siya.

‘90s Pinay actress Ynez Veneracion becomes Kainez Veneracion.

Meaning: annoying

She’s so loud! I can’t concentrate. Nakaka-inez Veneracion siya!

Alanis Morissette becomes Julanis Morissette.

Meaning: raining, rain

I’m soaking wet. My shoes and pants are soiled. Ang lakas ng julanis Morissette kaninang pauwi ako.

Cherry Pie Picache becomes Specify Pecache.

Meaning: be specific, specify

I can’t get what you’re saying. Paki-specify Pecache.

Bernadette Sembrano becomes Imbyernadette Sembrano.

Meaning: imbyerna (initself a gay lingo), pissed, angry

Ang tagal mo raw kasi, na-imbyernadette Sembrano siya.

Mahalia Mendez becomes the term for mahal.

Meaning: expensive, mahal

I can’t afford to buy the bags of my celebrity idols. Masyadong Mahalia Mendez.

Hilda Koronel is used in place of “dako.”

Meaning: dako, a Visayan word for big, as in gifted, uhm, down there. Applies to men.

Remember the tabloid story circulating in the ‘90s. According to Rachel Lobangco, Jestoni Alarcon is a “biggie.” Hildakoronel daw, ‘day!


Melanie Marquez becomes Smellanie Marquez.

Meaning: characterized by a bad smell, a foul odor

I went to the public toilet and I immediately left. Smellanie Marquez sa loob!

Laila Dee, a producer/actress of the ‘80s, is used to mean “lie.”

Meaning: just lying in bed and not doing anything, a boring sexual partner

He may have a big tool but he’s so boring. He’s Laila Dee.

Tommy LeeJones become Tom Jones

Meaning: hungry

Tagal ng Juan for All segment, tom jones na ako.

Lotlot de Leon and Luz Valdez become an adjective and verb.

Meaning: lose

Na-Lotlot de Leon siya sa pustahan.

Luz Valdez siya sa lahat ng pageants na sinalihan.

Winnie Cordero becomes the antonym of Lotlot de Leon and Luz Valdez

Meaning: win

Winnie Cordero ang sagot niya sa Q & A portion.

Kim Chiu becomes pa-Kim Chiu.

Meaning: Pa-kipot

Ayan, iniwan siya ng jowa, pa-Kin Chiu kasi.

Carmi Martin becomes Karma Martin.


Hayaan mo na silang manira, maka-Karma Martin din sila!

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